TX2K11 - Titan Twin Turbo Lambo Walkaround (Twin 67mm Turbo's)

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VF Engineering Audi R8 VFK87-02 Supercharger Kit Installed by Titan Motorsports
Michael B brought us this mint Red 2014 Audi R8 V10 on a quest for a bit more power while still keeping it refined. We’ve added twin turbo to a number of Gallardo V10s which share the same architecture, but this build called for something a bit different. Michael wanted to take advantage of the Dual Clutch transmissions quick shifts but add a bit more power to the low end since the car is primarily used for street driving. We called up our good friends at VF Engineering and went with their VFK87-02 Supercharger kit. The kit utilizes an Eaton TVS2300 Supercharger at 6.5psi forcing air through a 6061-T6 manifold with integrated air/water after cooler. The end result is 750whp and 590ft/lbs of torque in an engine bay that looks as if it could have came straight from Audi that way. An aftermarket Exhaust was also installed to make sure that the car has that little extra grunt to let those nearby know that this Audi R8 is packing something special under the deck lid. The quality of the parts we received and service was second to none and we look forward to installation more of these kits in the future, it really is a great offering for those looking for reliable street power who don’t want to upgrade the engine and add turbos to the car. In addition to the Supercharger kit we also fitted an Escort 9500 CSI radar detector with laser diffusers to keep Johnny Law at bay. Utilizing Mid City Engineering’s factory information center, we were able to incorporate the radar detectors display directly into the factory Audi head unit for that extra custom touch.

TX2K11 - Frank-N-Steins Friday Night Meet - Biggest TX2K Meet Ever!
This is by far the biggest TX2K car meet ever. No parking in the whole place, cars parking across the street, grass anywhere there was a spot. Lots of crazy and very clean cars showed up.

TX2K11 - Omni Hotel Madness "The Aftermath of the Burnouts"
Started getting out of control and the whole houston police department showed up to stop this madness. This was EPIC!

TX2k11 Part 1 Car Show
I apologize if the video is shaky or really grainy. I had to shoot a high iso to capture the video. Next year I will invest in alot more equipment to make a better video. This is just a few short shots from the TX2k11 car show in Houston TX. The video was shot with a Canon T2i with a Sigma 10-20mm Wide Angle. This is part 1. Enjoy. Music: Let the Drummer Kick by Citizen Cope