TX2K11 - Titan Twin Turbo Lambo Walkaround (Twin 67mm Turbo's)

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Toomnymods Turbo Titan on the street..
Just some runs on the street after getting the transmission bugs worked out @ UpRev. Temps where around 96-97F. Heavy ass 22" Foose Speedster 22's along with 3 people in truck for the incab videos.. I don't think it did too bad considering it's only on 4lbs of Boost currently :)

tx2k11 supra meet compilation!!
a compilation of some stuff that happened over the weekend during tx2k11 supra meet in houston!!! Dyno day, mexico, and track day!! sorry if the video is crappy quality, may upload in better quality soon if file isnt too big.

TX2K11 - Omni Hotel Madness "The Aftermath of the Burnouts"
Started getting out of control and the whole houston police department showed up to stop this madness. This was EPIC!

TX2K11 - Raw Powered 2JZ Powered S2000 goes 8.15 @170mph
This is the fastest S2000 in the world, absolutely gorgeous car.