Pt Cruiser SRT 4 Swap

01 Pt Cruiser with an 04 Dodge Neon SRT 4 Motor, Trany, Swap with over 300 horsepower Pushing 22PSI With DiabloSport Tuner.

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2005 PT Cruiser 5.7 Hemi
One cool Cruiser!!!....they did a really nice conversion..if not for the stickers that say would never know that it wasn't stock..very it out!!!! p.s there is a part two ck it out!! For more cool stuff visit

Walkaround PT Cruiser GT SRT4 STAGE 1 Update
This is a Walkaround on my 2005 PT GT Stage 1, if you saw my previous Walkaround I upgraded with a rare ram air hood, tower strut bar, two inch lowering springs, 3" open downpipe. Questions and comments are welcomed.

Srt4 pt cruiser pulls 0-60 in 8 secs
Doing some pulls in the pt GT cruiser it's got some balls might keep it lol srt pt let me know what you think. ..

SRT powered PT Cruiser Top speed run No lift shifting DSP tuned
A nice run in the SRT powered PT cruiser. SRPT-4 ! NO lift shifting and giving her hell! Mind you with the aerodynamics of a brick and minor bolt ons intake downpipe and muffler delete on a DSP 93 tune i was only able to hit 142. Love every min of driving this car so if anyone wants to hate on a purple, YES PURPLE cruiser be my guest. For anyone that can respect my car props to you for being a real man!