Pt Cruiser SRT 4 Swap

01 Pt Cruiser with an 04 Dodge Neon SRT 4 Motor, Trany, Swap with over 300 horsepower Pushing 22PSI With DiabloSport Tuner.

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2005 PT Cruiser 5.7 Hemi
One cool Cruiser!!!....they did a really nice conversion..if not for the stickers that say would never know that it wasn't stock..very it out!!!! p.s there is a part two ck it out!! For more cool stuff visit

Srt4 pt cruiser pulls 0-60 in 8 secs
Doing some pulls in the pt GT cruiser it's got some balls might keep it lol srt pt let me know what you think. ..

1954 hemi in pt doing burnout
Pa. doing burnout in driveway. This is the v8 cruiser that had chevy 400 v8. By "rodsquickstop"

Second start of the '95 Stratus motor in the '02 PT Cruiser
Literally JUST got it running. No water in the motor, so I don't run it long at all. Got the motor from a junkyard to replace the previous motor that the previous owner had driven into the ground without water, over and over and over until it was unrepairable. Smoke coming out the back is left over from the old motor's death throws. I put 2.0 cams in it during the swap, seems I don't have the cam magnet quite right, yet.