One fine day with Ferrari 430 Scuderia RC

One fine day in Japan, Just go outside for playing with my new toy Ferrari 430 Scuderia RC car. いい天気だから、フェラーリ430Scuderiaラジコンカーと外で遊んだ。 more at :

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Ferrari F2005 Rc
Próbaút a Ferrari F2005-el...xD

1/10 model Ferrari Enzo making
All processes from assembly of tire to completion. BGM Splash Wave(Rhythm Retake Remix) Magical Sound Shower(Rhythm Retake Remix) by SEGA S.S.T.BAND

Ferrari Enzo RC Car Chase Film: The Bads Roberty
This movie was written, for the most part, by my 6-year-old brother. When the lights of the car turn on, it has armed its missiles. It was lots of fun to make, and he is very proud of how well it is doing. Please like and share it with friends. The Ferrari Enzo remote control car was given to us by a very nice Ferrari dealer in New England. It was used by them for shows. Song 1: Death Rides a Horse- Ennio Morricone Song 2: Il Triello- Ennio Morricone Song 3: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood- Santa Esmeralda Song 4: The Demise of Barbara and the Return of Joe- Ennio Morricone Ferrari Enzo RC Film Movie Remote Control Car

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