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Top Gear USA S02E10 Muscle Cars
The hosts talk about everything car-related. From new cars to how they're fueled, this show has it all.

Top Gear USA S02E03 America's Strongest Pickup
The hosts talk about everything car-related. From new cars to how they're fueled, this show has it all.

Wrecks to Riches | S01E02 | Christine Camaro
Barry White knows a good wreck when he sees one. At least he thought he did. The old '69 Camaro shell he bought from a wrecking yard turns out to be cursed. Paint-stripper and angle-grinders reveal hidden rust and dodgy body work, delaying the build and forcing him to shell out more money than he planned on new sheet-metal. That's just the start of it. As the build goes on, strange things start happening. The super-charger doesn't fit the engine. Wrong parts are delivered. The engine bay catches fire. Wind sends newly painted parts crashing to the ground and back to the paint shop. The team dub the Camaro "Christine" after the killer car in Stephen King's novel. But Barry gets help from an unusual source. The Corona Police Department have some muscle car fans who offer to get the build back on schedule. The well-drilled machine work like a dream and finally Christine is ready for auction at picturesque Jackson Hole. But Barry's had to spend way more than he planned. The Camaro owes him $40,000. Barry's nervous. Even more so when the auction gets underway and a rival fully restored Camaro goes under the hammer for just $25,000. Will Christine's curse mean Barry loses his shirt?

Wrecks to Riches | S01E06 | Pony Race
What's better than building a hot Mustang Muscle Car? Building TWO of them. Barry White has his hands full. The Shop is transforming two Pony cars for two very different events; a new '05 car for the SEMA awards and a Super Muscle '69 Fastback for auction. On double duty, everyone needs to pitch in. Barry's wife and daughter get down and dirty and even designer and parts guy, Chris Brown, unplugs the phone to roll in grease. The first priority is to transform a brand-new '05 Mustang V8 into a Boss-inspired monster dreamed up by Barry and Chris. They're going for 'Best in Show' at SEMA, the auto industry's biggest showcase in Las Vegas. One hundred thousand visitors from 100 countries will be there. Reputations will be made and lost. Meantime, the old '69 resurrection risks taking a back seat, so Barry invites his friends at the Beverly Hills Fire Department to pitch in after hours. To lure these muscle car fans, Barry paints the car fire-engine red. The stage is set for a Mustang duel, and double trouble for Barry White.