fastest race suzuki samurai Jeep in the world

suzuki samurai beats bike

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4x4 - Project 2 - Suzuki Samurai walk around
Project 2 - Suzuki Samurai walk around

Suzuki Samurai 3.5 V8 in action!
A Suzuki samurai with a Range rover V8 engine, axles, gears, suspension. I guess the good part was the suzuki body :-P

Suzuki Samurai Engine swap Time Lapse
Hey Guys. We finaly got around to sort the engine problems on our Suzuki. Or rather, we dumped the broken 970cc engine completely, and put in a completely rebuild 1324cc instead. this will give us a Boost of about 20 hp. yeah, that dosen't sound like a great lot, but when it had only 45 to begin with, it's going to make quite a differance. Thanks for watching!