Ausrotary Ozdat & Rollaclub Around the Bay Cruise

Some video from the day - pardon the poor hand held use of my SLR... the zooming coupled with no IS made for some bumpy vision!

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Start from cold mazda FC Rotary engine
Rotary engined Mazda RX7 turbo FC starting from cold

Test Drive - 1988 Mazda RX-7
A very short clip of a recently sourced FC3S. Packing a lot of high quality circuit spec parts in a small lightweight package. Engine was overhauled some time ago with light port work done. Its also holding the late model Kouki turbo which has had high flow mods done by Speed Box in Okinawa, a well known turbo shop in Japan.

aarons rx7 13bpp turbo

Christchurch 4nRotary Cruise - some cars leaving
10th March, 2007, here in Christchurch was the 4nRotary Champs, and a cruise was put on by Girlspeed, and here are some of the cars i spotted in the carpark.