Ausrotary Ozdat & Rollaclub Around the Bay Cruise

Some video from the day - pardon the poor hand held use of my SLR... the zooming coupled with no IS made for some bumpy vision!

More Videos...

New project FC3S RX-7
Yeah... just some shots from the garage no driving. It will be a beast in a few months. Getting rid of bogan FMIC and front bar ASAP haha.

Cruddcopter sleeps with the fishes. R.I.P - No risk, no fun right? :) I tried to find some dolphins or whales but unfortunately they were either too far away or didn't come and say hello to me even though I asked them to come

BANSHEE #23 Time Lapse Build - This Banshee holds the Australian Speed Cup record of 243km/hr.

Cruddcopter V2 on steroids!
Here it is now living on in its new form :)