Rotary VW

This type 1 beetle powered by Mazda 13BT rotary engine, it has the power rating of 350HP The owner of this rotary beetle is Delapan Sports Indonesia, sponsored by Sentra Ponsel Indonesia VW beetle (type1) ini menggunakan mesin 13BT rotary dengan power sebesar 350HP. Pemilik mobil ini adalah DelapanSports dengan sponsor utama Sentra Ponsel Indonesia

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Megasquirt2 rx7 CAS Rotary engine 13b VW beetle
This is the first run of my 13b rotary powered 64' bug on Megasquirt2 EFI using the stock (modified) CAS (crank angle sensor). The CAS has been modified by removing a tooth (180 deg on each side) making it a 12:1 type missing tooth.

Russ Fellows VW Drag Beetle 625HP at the Wheels with Bullseye S372 Turbo tuned by CPR
Tuned by Andy Clark of CPR on Dyno Dynamics 625HP at the wheels! 38psi with new Bullseye S372 turbocharger T: 01925 414199 for all Dyno and custom fabrication enquiries Thanks to Bill at Bullseye

12a rotary bug

Rotary VW Flame
The tumble bee reborn, after retiring for more than a year,....its about the time to reborn in the new outfits soon,......