Turbo 4.9 Maverick

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Budget Built Turbo Maverick Sleeper GoPro
Josh Dillon's turbo big block Maverick making a pass at Brainerd Optimist Drag Strip in Ringgold, Georgia. Car has a 460ci big block Ford with stock crank, H beam rods, forged pistons, stock head castings and valve size, blow through carb, Borg Warner S475 turbo. This pass is on 18 pounds on 93 octane pump gas with a safe tune. Track conditions were poor as you can tell by the squirrelly ride. I think this pass was a 7.0X at around 100 miles per hour. Other details about the car: C6 transmission, Dacco torque converter (way too loose), 3.00 gear, stock 8 inch rear end, stock axles, mini spool, 26x8.5-15 tires, original leaf springs, stock shocks, slapper bars.

Turbo 4.9 Ford Maverick
Video not mine borrowing it from this site http://www.streetfire.net/video/turbo-49-ford-maverick_727606.htm this baby got turbo in a straight 6 cylinders and does about 120mph in 10 seconds!!!!!!

the sleeper maverick evolutuion 2.3 to 460 big block turbo
this is the last 5 years of the turbo sleeper maverick it was origionally a 73 grabber 302 maverick that I got with a bad rod bearing , I dorve it with gear oil in it for a while and then pulled it and put the motor out of my 88 turbocoupe in it until it wouldn't go any faster without spending a lot , so then I switched to a turbo 460 and after several years of trouble getting it to launch right it has finally ran a 6.6 and as high as 106 mph and hopefully faster times to come. FOUND OUT THE CUT DOWN Intercooler WAS A RESTRICTION it was loosing 5 psi thru it on low Boost so when we go back to the track we are going to turn it up to 16 pounds and see how it picks up now without a Intercooler I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)