AUH Driving Test

An optional module in the Abu Dhabi Driving Test is this particular exercise, here being practised in normal traffic outside the Shangri-La hotel. Extra style points can be gained from the playing of loud local music

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Driving SUV on two wheels (part 2)
Crazy Arab dude driving his SUV on two wheels while his passengers reach out of the window to touch the ground! Good skill! :)

How to Drive a Roundabout

Chefs Got a Big Fish by Fishing at Pearls & Caviar River.....
we all having fun in here while pre opening team phase......we cook-we eat-we fun

How to deal with roundabouts: Driver training for Indians
Like driving on wrong side of road, often drivers in India cut across rather than go around a roundabout. Much of this is due to lack of know how about how to deal with roundabouts. This video aims to enhance road safety in India by offering video-animation combination covering the 5 rules that help deal with roundabouts effectively.