AUH Driving Test

An optional module in the Abu Dhabi Driving Test is this particular exercise, here being practised in normal traffic outside the Shangri-La hotel. Extra style points can be gained from the playing of loud local music

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Marianna and Fotis strutting their stuff at their fabulous wedding in the promontory at Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece. This UNIQUE clip catches the moment when they break into their 'Grease' routine! Interrupted by the 'official' video man - but I bet he didn't get the magic moment when they signalled to the DJ to change the music! Look out for it - it's just a look.

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Learn about making turns in a car with these video instructions, and pass your driving test with advice in this free video about passing a drivers test. Expert: Kevin Woods Bio: Kevin Woods is proprietor and instructor of the "Basic Skills Driving School". He has successfully taught student after student to be an effective conscientious driving. Filmmaker: Ross Safronoff