AUH Driving Test

An optional module in the Abu Dhabi Driving Test is this particular exercise, here being practised in normal traffic outside the Shangri-La hotel. Extra style points can be gained from the playing of loud local music

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Playing with a pelican
Poseidon is the tame pelican in Atsitsa, Skyros, Greece. Marianna runs the cafe on the promontory and looks after him. This is me playing with him. He's great - very playful, and I'm sure he's got a sense of humour! Background music by Colin Colman, who happened to be there at the time with Kylie, who did the camerawork.

Reckless driving on UAE roads
Reporters from The National take to the roads of the UAE to document unsafe driving.

Motorcycle Skills Tests in Abu Dhabi, UAE
In order to obtain any driving licence in Abu Dhabi UAE, (two wheeler or light) one has to attend the theory classes conducted by the renowned driving institute, Emirates Driving Company. After attending all the classes one has to pass the theory test conducted by them, and score a minimum of 36/45 to proceed further. Later on it's time for the practical tests which is the last and final hurdle before obtaining the licence from the authorities. This video was captured just to show the venue and the skills required to pass the motorcycle test during the rehearsal. So kindly refrain from commenting on the helmet, gloves, jacket and the proper attire that's required to impress and pass the practical test.