BMI Racing Snap-on RX8 4 Rotor at Snap-on 90th Birthday Drift Demo

BMI Racing spend the day at Snap-on Headquarters in Kenosha WI. Giving ride alongs and drift demos all through their 90th Birthday

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JIC MAGIC RX8 530 HP !!!
Living Legend Keichi Tsuchiya and his professional driver friends test out JIC MAGIC'S RX8 that participates in Japan's D1 drift championship ...

Rx8 Full NA + 4.77 Accelerations
Rx8 Full NA + 4.77 Accelerations

Driving Sports Reports - BMI 4-Rotor RX-8, Hillclimb Challenge, Honda Crosstour
Episode #20 - This week, a hillclimb challenge between the 2010 Subaru Outback 3.6R, 2009 Toyota Venza and the 2009 Ford Explorer. The BMI 4-rotor Mazda RX-8 is heading to Formula D and a review of the Honda Crosstour, is it the new Aztec?

BMI Racing. Four Rotor RX8. Snap-On Tools. And a lot of noise...
Mark Lenardon Presents BMI Racing has successfully built the an amazing sounding, rare to the eye and ear, 4 rotor RX8. From any point on track you can hear the pilot, Brian Wilkerson, stand on the throttle in which it causes your eyes to shake and grabs your attention like a train wreck. As being a new and great sponsor for BMI, Snap-On is proudly displayed on the car showing only the best is used on this beast. Hell on wheels barely describes what my first impression was of this thing. Full credits to Mark Lenardon