top 10 of idiots of the history of planet earth


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Women drivers 2 - Second act (donne al volante 2)
this is the second part of the first episode!!Hope u like it!! Feel free to rate and comment!!! Eric :) P.S. for the records..the last clip is not real. I think is part of a famous commercial..Forgive me girls but it was too funny not to include it :) per dovere di cronaca..l'ultima clip è falsa. Credo sia uno spezzone di una pubblicità famosa negli States. Ragazze perdonatemi ma era troppo divertente per escuderla dal video :) 28/05/2012 - 1.000.000 thank you guys!

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Funniest drunk video of all time!
Buy Stoned Cold 'n" Drunk at: Compilation of funny drunks falling over, spewing & crazy dancing. Stone Cold 'N' Drunk taken from Paulie Bignell's Red Eye Flight CD featuring Preston Hubbard & Joe Meyer. For a free song download off Paulie's new CD here:

Funny Stupid People!
READ BENNY HILL THEME TUNE IS THE MUSIC TAKE ALL OF YOUR COMPLAINTS ABOUT CLIPS THAT CAUSE OFFENCE TO FUNNY-VIDEOS.CO,UK AND EMAIL THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKYOU. Thanks to everyone who watches this video I hope you enjoy it!!! (: xx Stupid People. Stupid Animals. Boxing. (not stupid...) THE REST IS THOUGH! & Helicopters. "why is stupid a guy fallig from his motorbike?" I dunno..most "funny videos" on Youtube include some kind of car/bike accident! ps..I DELETE LAME COMMENTS.