top 10 of idiots of the history of planet earth


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Stupid guy hits girlfriend!
Contains strong language. ---check out the stupid guy's website. ---check out his youtube channel.

O dia em que a morte tirou ferias!! Death Takes a Holiday!!La muerte de vacaciones!! (Parte 1)
Trilha Sonora (Final Destination 5 - Opening Credits) ::::: El día que la muerte tomó vacaciones! Death takes a vacation!!

Television Fights and Angry Celebrities
Are you a gamer? Check out for a great gaming blog! Here is a funny segment on funny and angry celebrities and TV fights.

Greatest Narrow Accident Escapes - Most Luckiest People Compilation
Cheating Death Missed by Inches-Some Miracles. Some great escapes from accidents. Luckiest People escaped from massive car crashes and animal attacks. This video compilation clearly proves "miracles do happen" for worlds luckiest people. Crazy Close Calls & Near Death Accidents Compilation.