340 Mopar Test Run

This is an all #'s matching 1970 340 Mopar motor & trans being sold on Ebay. This is a test run on the ground by father and son.

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Cam Break in 340 mopar
Einweihung unseres neuen Motorteststand mit einem 340cui Mopar Motor.

Built Mopar 340 On Run Stand
Engine going into my Uncle's 1974 Plymouth Scamp. Specs on the engine are in the video. This thing is a beast.

1976 Dodge 360 Start / Run
This is actually a 1976 360 I bought from a friend to shoehorn into my 1960 D-600 dumptruck. The original 318 polysphere was internally cracked, so I needed a different engine for the truck. You can see me shoot holes in the old 318 block in another of my videos.

Mopar 340 engine
Mopar 1971 340 c.i.d. engine 1st start-up after total rebuild by FTTC Automotive Department instructor.