1974 Capri, First start in 2011

Video of my 1974 Ford Capri, all original.

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Ford Capri GXL '1972–74
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Ford Capri Barn Find....
Helping my neighbour Les,drag a 1977 Ford Capri out of a dark and dank barn...last driven in 1981, been parked in the barn since then.

Legend: Ford Capri
Influx meets Francis Ellingworth, who has devoted his automotive existence to the Ford Capri - and who continues to use his Mark 3 2.0 Litre S as a daily drive. http://www.influx.co.uk/edition/legend-ford-capri/

1974 Mercury Capri Commercial Long Version
Hank Garrett from "Car 54 Where are you" and "Three Days of the Condor" is one of the Inspectors in this Mercury Commercial