TT-RS 5-pot singing...enjoy...!

TT-RS 5-pot singing...enjoy...!

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How much heat can be created in your brakes?? We wanted to see how much heat we could create in the brakes of this Honda Civic and see if they'd glow. Watch how much heat is created if you apply the brakes a bit on a Honda Civic and create a bit of drag. As the brakes started to heat up, it got hotter and hotter and hotter! it was amazing to watch them start to glow! We wanted to get these Honda Civic brakes so hot that they would completely fail. We tortured the brakes even more by pouring cold water on the glowing red hot brakes. We wish we had gone further to total destruction! A testament to Honda brakes. Next time for sure! A good lesson in co-efficient of friction. This poor old Honda Civic was being scrapped the next day so we decided to abuse it while we still had the chance. VISIT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL and SUBSCRIBE MY FACEBOOK PAGE

2018 Audi TT RS Production & Assembly- MUST SEE - Very INTERESTING
LIKE our Facebook Fan Page NOW FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM 2018 Audi TT RS Production & Assembly. This is a very interesting video - MUST SEE!! Let us know what you guys think below. Hope you guys enjoy! New videos coming every week. ===THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE=== ==WANT TO SEE A CAR YOU LIKE?? COMMENT BELOW AND ILL TRY MY BEST TO FILM IT==

Audi TT RS - On German Autobahn Acceleration 305kmh
Audi TT RS lightly modified With 255/30R20 Great Car to drive :)

Orange Audi TTRS START UP in a parking garage in Wiesbaden
Audi TT RS start up