TT-RS 5-pot singing...enjoy...!

TT-RS 5-pot singing...enjoy...!

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Audi TT RS 0-100 Sound
Kleines Viedeo von mir ( mein erstes ) entschuldigt deswegen kleine fehler

MSS KITS: Enhanced Suspension Systems!
MSS KITS is a UK engineering technology company that develops Modular Adjustable Performance spring kits for prestige German cars, in partnership with Eibach. We created this video a few years back for our launch day of 1st July 2013 however choose not to release the video. In the video, William, our founder explains how MSS KITS came to be. Thought we had release it today, to the disbelief of our founder - sorry William, take this one for the team ;) MSSKITS.COM

TT RS vs ferrari F430 vs M3 e46 compresseur
Test réalisés lors du battle no limit 2011 organisé par la société Digiservices. Audi TT RS 400cv et 600Nm (reprog digiservices) Ferrari F430 500cv et 470Nm BMW M3 e46 compresseur 450cv et 470Nm

Audi TT-RS Sports Exhaust System
The TT-RS sports Exhaust system, as on my RS 2011 model. Love the sound!! Sounds even better inside the car :)