63 Nova drag racing

MY 63 nova making a few passes.

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1963 Nova
This was my first car - a 1963 Chevy II Nova. I bought it shortly after I turned 15 for only $1,500. My dad and I spent the next 10 months restoring it - it was a ton of fun, we both learned a lot, and the car looked awesome. Then after driving it for about a year, I got slammed into by a woman, which totaled the car. We have a couple hours of video shot during our restoration process, but it's very unwatchable... so here is a short edit of the work we did. No fancy editing, just video clips over music. Warning, this will probably be pretty boring to everyone except my dad and I, but here it is anyway. Music: zz top, outkast

12.5 to 1 406 sbc 456 gears 5500 stall powerglide transbrake / delay box tubbed out etc etc.

8 second Nitrous Chevy Nova Drag Race, Tube Chassis Designz 8.43 @161 mph
Jon Sandhal's Orange Nova using some Nitrous power to make mid 8 second passes. Tube Chassis Desginz - Hudson, MA Inaugural Liberty Engines Import vs Domestic Shootout at New England Dragway. 6/23/2012 - Epping, NH

Gorgeous 1963 Nova SS 468cu Bracket Car 580 HP
The car to a company the the engine Dyno vid. 1963 Nova SS, custom hood fiber glass hood, new front end, tubbed, caged (8 point), racing seat, stripped interior. 468 cu engine, two speed power glide, ford 9" and some big bloody tires.... Pretty much everything on the car is new. It is going to be getting an engine refresh, new aluminum heads, custom oil pan, custom rocker covers, 4 stage dry sump, new torque converter, new custom read end and a new drive shaft.