Vauxhall Firenza 2300

It's alive! :-)

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vauxhall firenza SL 1971

'74 V8 Vauxhall Magnum Coupe. (Viva)
3.9L Rover V8 powered. LT77 Gearbox, Salisbury Axle (4ha), Powerloc LSD, 5 Link rear, rear discs, Front 4 pot calipers with vented discs, brown underwear...

Vauxhall Firenza Droop Snoot
Only 200 odd droop snoops were made, just over half survive, but this is one of only 2 original left in the world that has never been welded and is in as near original condition as would have left the factory. It was a great pleasure to do a GoPro YouTube video of it using a Triumph TR6 as the camera ship Music by Silent Partner - Hear We Go Again

Vauxhall Viva cold start
Looking through an old hard drive I found this old video of my 1976 Viva E. Takes me back! Guess I never got around to posting it.... Its running terribly in the video as the distributor had worn its centre bearing and was causing all sorts of ignition issues. I replaced that, sorted out the timing so it didn't overheat and enjoyed it for a while. The horrendous tapping noise wasn't valve clearances (they were set many times, by many different folks who all swore blind they could shut it up). Never found the cause as I swapped in a rebuilt good lump which gave the car new life! Previous engine must of been down 20bhp! This car is now awaiting a restoration in my yard while I do other projects. Miss the old girl though.