turbo4.com Engine Explosion - GoPro in-car Footage

turbo4.com's 4G63 Dragster. Just past half track, the engine expired sending the piston out the side of the block. In the shut down area, the oil coming out of the engine ignited on the hot header and lights up the cockpit. The car still ran a 7.09 at only 149 mph.

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Team Bray Racing inside the engine room
In Episode 2, Victor and Ben Bray take you behind the scenes in the engine room. This is where they build and re-build their dragster engines - the Top Doorslammers, the burnout cars and Benny's Nissan Altima engines. If you missed it, make sure you check out episode 1 where the boys show you the Doorslammers, the burnout cars, Benny's Nissan Altima powered by an SR20, and their unique collection of cars!

Santa Pod Main event 2011. Engine explosion and car fire
Car On Fire!!! A racing car set on fire just before it was going to race down the race track at santa pod raceway in the uk . enjoy :)

AWD Motorsports Fastest Evos.. Looking Back at the Last 4 years!!!
Hard to believe most of these Videos are from 3-4 years ago.. Below are just some of the accomplishments we have had. Many of these records still stand today 3-4 years later.. Every Built Motor Record done with a Buschur Racing Engine!!! Haltech Tuned by: Crispeed & Stock Ecu by DIIIRK!!! AWD Black Evo 8 - 8.75@163mph (2nd Quickest 4g63 Evo) 6765 T3 World's Quickest Evo 8 Street Car - 8.98@156mph 782whp 6262 T3 World's Quickest / Fastest Stock Ecu - 8.99@163mph HTA3794 World's Quickest / Fastest Drag Radial Evo 8/9- 9.05@160mph HTA3794 World's Quickest / Fastest Mivec Evo - 8.99@163mph HTA3794 World's Quickest Stock Frame FP Black - 9.33@146mph World's Fastest Stock turbo Evo - 10.21@133mph ( Most-Wanted ) World's Quickest Stock Motor Evo - 9.74 (Ramses)

GoPro Survives 2 Explosions!!!
A camera that can handle explosions like it is no big deal? . . . Badass? We think so! This was originally part of our Drop Test video for the Casio G'Zone Commando. Click Here to check it out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-b8bOZGmsA Don't forget to subscribe, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. http://www.youtube.com/gizmoslip http://www.facebook.com/gizmoslip http://www.twitter.com/gizmoslipshow