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13b engine in a seadoo speedster

13b engine in a seadoo speedster


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Tractorpulling - Best of Crash
My compilation of the crashes I filmed between 2007 and 2011, it's from the european tractorpulling events no one in the video got seriously hurt.

A dream project fifteen months in the making. Stay tuned for launch... coming 2011...

2JZ Jet Boat- First run
Firts run with low Boost

HamiltonJet Drive Install - KonaCat
HamiltonJet Drive Install

*13B DOO* First Start Up (Take 2!!)
Fuel pump was faulty so could only run for a few seconds on a carburettor full of gas.

wankel turbo ski race boat
owner has opined, boat is going 105 here but has done 118! That's pretty fast in a boat that size, especially with the chine walk it's doing. Driving this would be like laying a 2x4 across a bowling ball and trying to balance yourself, on ice!!! And people waterski behind these too!!!

Pulse Performance Built Quad Rotor Jetboat
Peter Huijs jet sprint boat running in first round of the NZ series at Wanganui. Finishing fourth for the day on his first outing.

2008 Seadoo Speedster 200 430 HP
Sharing a quick video of a 2008 Speedster 200

starting x2.6 rotary monster and first gentle tests in water. note highly baffled noise but sounds like v8 WHEN these twin waterboxes are removed. www.rotarymonster.co.uk built by jetski repair engineer. www.jetski-repairman.co.uk rotary wankel engine (2.6 litre equivelent) in 2 joined kawasaki X2 hulls, with 2 jetpumps (both working). The link for the rib is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBy0IcgkmAk this is the same engine, just listen to the sound difference without the waterboxes (straight-through Exhaust used).

2004 Sea Doo 200 Speedster Red 154 hrs Part 1 (Walk Around)
2004 Sea Doo 200 Speedster with twin 155hp 4 stroke rotax engines (1493cc). PRE_ RECONDITIONING " WALK AROUND. This boat ___ HAS NOT____ gone through our reconditioning shop as of this video. We have an "export" customer that wished to see the boat before we started on it. Normally a boat like this would get a new interior, new decals, maybe a bimini top, maybe not, a factory boat cover, a new radio, new speakers, 100 hour service and would sell for around $11,990.oo Please call steve tillman @ 1866 935-0272 or 904 509-4336 with any questions.

13B Rotary Engine Stand BACKFIRING @ WyoTech, PA
This is in my High Performance Power Train class @ WyoTech in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. This Rotory motor backfires so hard that the shock wave shakes the camera... and me... lol

20b Raceboat 100-170kph
The Quicksilver Raceboat with Xtreme Rotarys 20b powerplant shows the V8's how to do it!

Worlds Fastest Seadoo Speedster
Worlds Fastest Seadoo Speedster

jet boat sea doo speedster
having fun at stump pass englewood fl

13B Rotary running after being pulled - Rotary Resurrection
I had been searching for this video for some time, but finally got it right from the source. If I remember the story right this block was pulled from a car undergoing a turbo swap and was run outside the car for laughs. The man in charge does excellent rebuilds and other rotary work and can be contacted at http://www.rotaryresurrection.com

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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