13b engine in a seadoo speedster

13b engine in a seadoo speedster

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A dream project fifteen months in the making. Stay tuned for launch... coming 2011...

Jet Boat Sea Doo Turbo Rotary Engine
turbo Rotary Engine Jet Boat

Worlds Fastest Seadoo Speedster
Worlds Fastest Seadoo Speedster. 73.3 *NEW*(old 72.2) MPH with 300Lbs of Fuel and 3 Passengers. Here you go: http://greenhulk.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=3 All you could ever want for info. Check out somefun's posts its all on the same boat you saw here. Its my Brothers boat. You'll love it UPDATE 7/2007 : It got up to 74.1 No GPS to prove it...yet

Wave hits boat - Accident at Teahupoo
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