Golf R32 Biturbo vs. BMW 530d Touring

Video zum Golf: 800 PS vs. 240 PS Video zum Golf:

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VW Golf 4 R32 HGP Biturbo - Launch Control
Launch Control DSG

Golf 4 V8 Biturbo 890 PS - Simulation with real Speedometer !!
2x Rev Burner erster Test This is a real Speedometer on a PC Game, 2 Rev Burner simulate Speed and RPM! Look my other Videos for More! Game: Rfactor Vehicle: BMW M3 GTR

Golf R32 Turbo vs BMW 335i Stage 3
Björkvik 24/9

R32 Turbo Sound mit offenem Wastegate HD
R32 turbo GT35 630ccm Einspritzdüsen und offenes Wastegate