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getting my ass handed to me by vincents acr srt-4
both cars had 4 peeps. last race he missed 3rd. i had a 20g,external wastegate,intake,Exhaust,utec,fuel pump,injectors. he had t-60 to 1 and supporting mods on e-85

08 wrx vs 05 srt4
08 wrx stage 2 ( cobb sf intake, perrin 3" tbe, cobb ap v2 stage 2 flash) vs my 05 srt4 (aem intake, 3" tbe, dsp, mopar bop)

Svt lightning vs Srt-4 neon
Modded neon struggles to pull away from ported lightning,neon claims to have a Boost LEAK.

srt4 vs. s2000
leo and art racing on paramount blvd......