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neuer FuStW Polizei + SiKW VUD Hamburg bei VKU

Ein neuer Funkstreifenwagen der Polizei hamburg (mit RTK7 Balken) und ein Sichernugskraftwagen des Verkehrsunfalldienstes bei einem Verkehrsunfall einige km vor dem Elbtunnel. New patrol car from Hamburg Police Department and Traffic-safety-unit from road-accident office (also kind of police) at a traffic accident on a freeway, city of Hamburg.


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Vossloh Euro 4000 pulling freight train towards Trondheim, Norway
Norwegian freight train pulled by a modern Euro 4000 locomotive from CargoNet heading towards the city of Trondheim. The Euro 4000 locos are the strongest ones CardoNet uses. Eine Vossloh Euro 4000 Lok von CargoNet zieht einen Güterzug in Richtung Trondheim.

Norwegian passenger train blowing horn
A Norwegian passenger train blowing the horn at a small crossing, near the village of Snåsa. Norwegischer Personenzug drückt kurz aufs Horn wegen einen kleinem (Personen-)Bahnübergang in der Nähe der Ortes Snåsa

Swedish oversize truck (Scania T-Modell)
Swedish oversize truck in the town of Mora. Schwertransporter gezogen von einem Scania Hauber in der Schwedischen Stadt Mora.

alte und neue FuStW Autobahnpolizei Regensburg (Zusammenschnitt)
insgesamt drei verschiedene Generationen von Funkstreifenwagen der Autobahnpolizei Regensburg im Zusammenschnitt. Aufgenommen z.B. bei Verkehrsunfällen, liegengebliebenen Fahrzeugen und Veranstaltungen. German police cars (compilation): several generations of Highway Patrol cars from the Bavarian State Police filmed in the city of Regensburg. All of these are BMW 5 series Touring. The one from 0:57 is the oldest version here, colored white-green and with the Hella RTK6-SL strobe lightbar. 2:24 to 2:31 is newer and used for some years now, silver-green colored and with a Hella RTK6 LED lightbar, and in all the other short clips you see the 2011 delivered new 5 series with hella RTK7 LED lightbar

LEGO Police Car Chase - Big Guns Rule
Detailed review of LEGO Police Car Chase set 3648 and my secrets into making top rating toy reviews. This contest is now closed, the winners have been annotated over the prizes they won. The third prize place will get some more in the prize as it pulled a equal score to second place. Web Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego http://ldd.lego.com/ http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/Police http://minifigures.lego.com/en-us/Default.aspx http://starwars.lego.com/en-US/default.aspx http://lego.wikia.com/wiki/Ninjago http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lego_City Contest related material. All prizes will be posted from Australia via registered mail; you will need to supply to me a full postal address to receive the prizes, your address will be kept private and not used by third parties should you win. Some countries may apply a tax on the incoming goods; leokimvideo is not liable to pay this landing tax fee. If the mail is lost or damaged in transit leokimvideo is not liable to replace lost and damaged items. Leokimvideo has the right to change the closing date if required, you may request a extension of the closing date. If prizes are not claimed within 2 weeks of the announcement of the winners the prize falls back into the prize pool for another competition. I expect those who enter to be regular youtube users.

Police CHASE Motorcycles Running From COPS Helicopter + Patrol Car Bike Crash Chasing Bikers VS Cops
INSANE motorcycle stunt riders get chased by the police helicopter and patrol cars for riding wheelies, drifting swing multiple lanes plus doing other stunts on the street. A group of stunt riders performing extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts and tricks on public street's and highway's get the attention of law enforcement. Police chase a large group of bikers running from the cops. Motorcyclist lead police officers chasing them on wild high speed pursuit. Police patrol cars at multiple times our only a few feet away from motorcycles performing drifts and wheelies throughout the entire police chase. Law enforcement use all the resource at there disposal to try and stop bikers evading arrest police even bring out a helicopter aka ghetto bird to spot light bikes running from the police patrol cars on the ground. You'll see one sport bike rider wreck while attempting to wheelie with cops only a few feet away. The stunt rider crashes while being chased by police cruises and helicopter spot light him above. Bike Vs Cops on the street bikers battle to out run law enforcement. A few of the stunt bike riders our eventually caught and arrested by police but most of the stunt bike riders eventually get away and out run the police by going through a tunnel under the highway to escape all police including helicopter or ghetto bird! Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Sitdown Steve Channel http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sitdownsteve Visit Streetfighterz Official Web Site http://streetfighterz.com CONNECT With Sitdown Steve Instagram: http://instagram.com/sitdownsteve Facebook: http://facebook.com/sitdownsteve Google+: http://google.com/+sitdownsteve

Motorcycle Wheelies Into Police Car Rider Arrested By Cops Raw Footage Bike VS Cop Wheelie FAIL
Motorcycle stunt rider crashes wheelie into police officers patrol car. Raw footage of stunt rider getting arrested by the cops after he crashes into cops unmarked cruiser causing accident. Street bike stunt rider scuffles with law enforcement after riding a wheelie into police car. The rider is arrested by the same officers that he hits while riding a wheelie behind the police officer. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz Facebook: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz Twitter: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz Google+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle

Police CHASE Motorcycle CRASHES Running From COPS Biker Escapes Accident Gets Away Bike VS Cop Video
Motorcycle crashes running from the police. Street bike hits curb at high speed while being chased by the cops. Police chase starts after stunt rider slaps a "I don't stop for cops" sticker on the side of a police officers patrol car while riding down the street. Immediately after, the cop begins chasing the biker flashing his lights and sirens. The motorcyclist takes off passing the cop car on the shoulder. Then the rider out runs cop through traffic while police are in hot pursuit. Biker gets away from the police car putting some distance on the cops. The police continue to chase the rider for about a 1/2 mile til rider smashes into curb island that separates a turning lane. The impact from the crash sends both bike an rider into the air and tumbling down the street. After the accident rider immediately jumps up to his feet from the pavement and picks up his wrecked motorcycle to try and get it started. But the motorcycle will not start up. This gives police time to catch up to the rider. The rider then makes multiple attempts at trying to start his motorcycle but has no luck. So the rider leaves his wrecked motorcycle behind and ditches it in the middle of the street. Immediately afterwards the rider decides to hitch a ride on another fellow stunt riders motorcycle. By jumping onto the rear passenger seat. The good Samaritan rider takes off out running the police and gets away from law enforcement. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bloxstarzlifestyle Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site http://bloxstarzlifestyle.com CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: http://instagram.com/bloxstarz Facebook: http://facebook.com/bloxstarz Twitter: http://twitter.com/bloxstarz Google+: http://google.com/+bloxstarzlifestyle

Dubai Police with Lambo, Ferrari, Camaro: fastest cop cars in the world!
On Patrol with Dubai Police Special Car Unite: Amazing shots of the Supercars with specs!

Zivil-FuStw + FuStW Polizei Hamburg (Zusammenschnitt)
Polizeieinsätze in der Hansestadt Hamburg. In einem Zusammenschnitt sehen wir einen Zivil-Funkstreifenwagen (ZFuStW) und verschiedene Funkstreifenwagen (FuStW) der verschiedensten Generationen, selbst einen der neuesten mit LED Frontblitzer. We see an unmarked police car and many police cars from the police department Hamburg responding with blue lights and siren responding in a collection. Video by Manuel Breitenbach ~ Montragoar Monti Video in Deutschland Hansestadt Hamburg

Kurzzug BF Hamburg F12 (Gegenverkehr) + FuStW Polizei Hamburg (Hella RTK7 Stadt/-Land Schaltung)
Feuerwehreinsatz für die Berufsfeuerwehr (BF) Hamburg, in der Videogarantiekreuzung Reeperbahn Ecke Holstenstraße kommt über den Gegenverkehr mit Pressluft erst das Hamburger Löschgruppenfahrzeug (HLF 20/16) 1 der Feuerwache Altona (F12) es folgt direkt ein Funkstreifenwagen (FuStW) der neuesten Generation der Polizei Hamburg mit einer Hella RTK7 LED Sondersignalanlage, dieser fährt schön mit der Stadt/-Landschaltung, nun folgt auch mit Pressluft wiederum über den Gegenverkehr das Teleskopmastfahrzeug (TMF) der Feuerwache Altona (F12). Sie fahren alle zeitnah in die selbe Richtung also ist es wohl ein Einsatz. An dieser Stelle möchte ich den Kollegen "Rettunmgskobold" grüßen der an diesem Tage zu Besuch in Hamburg war und 2 Minuten vor dieser Aufnahme zum Zug mußte! Gefilmt mit einer Panasonic SDR-S 70. We see the rescue pumper 1 from the fire department Hamburg, fire station 12 with a police car from the police department Hamburg, and the aerial truck from the fire department Hamburg, fire station 12 responding with blue light and sirens, at the red light district Hamburg to a fire alert. Filmed with a Panasonic SDR-S 70. Video by Manuel Breitenbach ~ Montragoar Monti Video in Deutschland Hansestadt Hamburg Altona

Hella RTK7 "Unfall" auf FuStW Polizei Regensburg
auch in Bayern findet sich nun der RTK7 Blaulichtbalken ein, hier zu sehen auf einem FuStW der Polizei Regensburg bei der Absicherung eines Verkehrsunfalls. The new generation of LED-lightbars, the RTK7 from Hella, on a patrol car from Bavarian State Police (at a traffic accident)

SiKw Autobahnpolizei + VRW + TLF ETF Nord Hamburg
Sicherrungskraftwagen der Autobahnpolizei Hamburg mit VRW und TLF der Elbtunnelfeuerwehr Nord auf Einsatzfahrt

Großeinsatz Polizei München
Katastrophenschutzübung Olympia 08 - by Dirk Steinhardt - http://www.rescue911.de - München, Bayern, Deutschland - 31.05.2008

Hamburg Alter Elbtunnel
Stellt Euch einmal vor, Ihr fahrt mit dem Auto durch den „Hamburger Elbtunnel", Richtung Norden oder Richtung Süden.... Und statt Kacheln seht Ihr durch eine „Gläserne Röhre" was so in der Elbe schwimmt. Diverse Fischarten, oder den Schiffsrumpf der „QM2". Das geht natürlich nicht, weil sonst „alle" nach oben gucken würden, und dann noch mehr Unfälle passieren würden. Aber im „Alten Elbtunnel" der von 1907-11 erbaut wurde, und modernster Tunnel seiner Zeit war. Dort gibt es seit Gestern bis Mitte Mai, einen Werbegag von „Sky Chanel", der einem vorgaukelt die Elbe von unten zu sehen.

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