350z (Bolt Ons + Utec) vs Rsx Type S (Full Bolt Ons +KPro)

350z Mods: I/E/TP/PlenumSpacer/UTEC (Untuned) RSX-S Mods: CAI/RH/RBC/KPro (Untuned) 350z wins

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EG civic F20B vs rsx type s Kpro
f20b i/h/e street tunen on crome vs k20a2 i/e k pro tune

DC5 Type-R Genting Hill Climb (1 Sept 2014)
Jason Liang's hill climb @ Genting with his DC5 Type R. I'm chasing as the camera car in a Megane RS250.

Stage 2 MK6 GTI vs 350z full bolt ons and tune
MK6 GTI has revo stage 2 350z is full bolt on and cobb tuning 40-140

RSX-S 14.0 w/ i/h/e
My 06 RSX Type-S with just intake, race header, and Exhaust running consistent 14.0's. My camera was breaking down on me and my friend that night and the focus is terrible but you can hear the announcer. 9/25/08 - Traded the car in about 5 months ago, I miss it a lot though it was time to move onto something else. I'm still a Honda Fan Boy at heart and still own a Honda (a CRX), eventually I'll own another RSX one of these days. I've also been looking into buying an EG or EK hatch. Just for reference after installing K-Pro I uploaded the "Dyno'd 05-06 cold air intake" calibration and I just straightened out the air/fuel from there to make everything smoother. I never adjusted any timing, cam angles, or anything else serious since I was waiting to install my RBC and have it pro-tuned. My times consisted of 13.6-13.8 consistantly on stock all season michelins and drag radials, but I did hit 13.6 on street tires then when I finally had a chance to run my DR's with K-Pro, my 2nd gear was acting up. Got that fixed and then went again and it was real humid, I never got a chance to get a good run in using my 2 step launch control through K-Pro which is unfortunate because with the plans I had for the car, I should have kept it... basically, there was a lot more power to be had out of just tuning the car, a good 20-30hp no doubt. I was looking to hit low 13's with just i/rh/e/rbc/tuned kpro. From there I'd of done internals - cams, over-sized pistons, valves, rings, etc... orrr I'd of looked into picking up a k24 block or whole motor and used my k20 head to build a frank. Anyway, I now have a Subaru and it took some getting use to the whole new community you could say, but I'm happy with it for sure.