4AGE 20V Blacktop 74 corolla KE20 Peanut

First start on my 74 peanut 4AG 20v bt engine swap !!! By Performance Options Oakland California USA.

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Corolla AE100 4AGE
4AGE 20v Swapped in to a 1997 Toyota Corolla AE100. Velocity Stacks sound test.

The Sound of ITB's, 4AGE Blacktop 20V
If you want to see more, with down shifts, Driving through mountain road with trumpet view: https://youtu.be/F6y-sc9hWp0 Not to many good audio examples of this amazing engine on the tubes. 20 valves make a hell of a sound and is something special. Engine was transplanted into a Toyota Corolla FX16 GTS

With Afai D5 to bangkok, 4AGE weber DCOE first start before deliver to apook RP11 bangkok (new engine owner).

4A-GE 20 valve on the Dyno
Tuning a Westfield 7SE with a 4A-GE 20 valve on a Dynamic Test Systems Dyno.