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Knight Rider S03E06 K I T T vs K A R R
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another mod i did to my Trans Am for fun....i like this one!.....its the way kitt should have been for the new show and not the ugly gt500 cobra!

Trans Am Knight Light LED Scanner Version 7 - Million Color
The Trans Am Knight Rider scanner version 7 is complete. It's capable of displaying over 1 million colors. It took an incredible amount of time to build with over 1200 solder connections and over 150 hand bent traces to link the LEDs. It's composed of 108 Red/Blue/Green LEDs with 34 outputs, fully remote control with a 4 button key fob and has even better control via bluetooth and an Android Device (to see more about the Android controllability, check out my Version 6 light video, I didn't want to duplicate it on this video). I made this light for my father-in-laws 2002 WS6 Black Trans Am. My 1999 WS6 is red and I didn't think a multi colored light would look good on a red car. My friend Andy did the color control programming and the Android control programming using an app called Pfodapp. It works fantastic. Heres some of the my version 7 lights capabilities: 34 scans, 10 speeds per scan 7 main colors 9 user color creations that are saveable and can be used on any scan out of 5000 possible colors ( there's a red/green/blue intensity adjuster) Remote control via keyfob Android Device Control EEPROM saves the color and speed set for every scan 4 Combo loop scans 2 color morph modes (the faster one hits over 5000 colors and is a set pattern that repeats ever 12 minutes. The 2nd one is a pure random color shifter that hits 130,000 colors - I used this program from my rear fiber optic bird) Overall this is an awesome light. The camera had a hard time picking up some of the colors in the video.

Knight Rider Knight Of The Jugg Part 1
Knight Rider Knight Of Jugg I felt sorry for KITT and Micheal Knight