trabant 601 - 1.8 16v german style roof-chop

historia przedstawiająca na początku niepozornego trabanta, który w ciągu 2 lat przeszedł gruntowny remont i przemienił sie w trabanta 1.8 16v 139KM Roof-Chop, słupki ścięte o 6,5 cm. Szeroka stal - tył 9" przod 7,5", klatka, kubełki. robiony w stylu Germańskim.

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Trabant 1.3
Trabant 1.3

Trabant 601 Universal complete restoration
Teljes felújítása az 1990-es gyártású Trabantomnak. Az autó 14 évet állt egy kertben egy diófa alatt. Complete renovation for my Trabant, year of manufacture is 1990. The car was stopped in a garden during the last 14 year. Voll Renovation für meine Trabi, Baujahr ist 1990. Das Auto war in einem Garten in den letzen 14 Jahren.

Trabant RS Imagine you own the coolest car with the greatest outlooks and thrilling engine. But the interior needed a total overhaul. This is the story of this exciting Trabant RS, which took a full interior upgrade at Carbon Motors. Now the vehicle is screaming inside-out: I am the coolest! Trabant RS now has Recaro seats upholstered in smooth black leather with Royal blue stitching. The dashboard is completely new and designed and produced from scratch. Covered in black alcantara with blue stitching the vehicle now has a pleasing way to call its drive's attention. The exterior took a small CM adjustment as well. Lip spoiler, light rings and hood pins from carbon fiber now add up to the exciting looks. Now this vehicle is complete... See more at: Project photo gallery: Facebook:

Trabant GSX-R 750 Part 1
Építés alatt . Trabant kaszni , GSX-R 750-es blokk , 136 LE / 500 kg Contact : 37