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Rotary 13B Jet Ski 127.2 mph

Polaris jet ski with 13B rotary 127.2 mph stage 2 porting, twin throttle bodies, fuel rail, 400hp fuel pump, modified impeller(15.5 pitch Cleaver prop)


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2JZ Jet Boat- First run
Firts run with low Boost

Jet Ski Rotax 1500cc Turbo +400hp
First run on water 1.5bar Boost

kawasaki X-2 powered by ZXI 1100 engine freestyle
Kawasaki x-2 powered by zxi 1100 cc engine. fast x2 1100 sxr 1100 800 freestyle

Lexus V8 in a boat
4 litre Lexus V8 with MegaSquirt EFI in Dateline Bikini boat


Single rotor lawn mower-YouTube.mov
Amazing single rotor lawnmower

Datsun 510 with13B Rotary POWER
13b Rotary Datsun 510 at PIR - Portland, OR

How to Winterize a PWC, step by step guide, in HD Seadoo, Jet Ski, Waverunner
A detailed step by step guide to winterizing your Your Personal Watercraft PWC for outdoor storage in a below -0 environment, shown on a 1997 Sea‚ÄĘdoo GTX, same concept applies to most PWC jetskis. wave runner, sea doo DIY. (yes thats my wife on my ski, and no, she is no where in the video, sorry lol). Boat outboard inboard I/O inboard/outboard Winterization

Quadski - ATV and Jet Ski in one!
AMAZING AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLE...available who knows when?!...now IF they will only keep the price "reasonably affordable", perhaps......Please, I want one, Santa!! Check out their website: http://www.aquada.com

wankel turbo ski race boat
owner has opined, boat is going 105 here but has done 118! That's pretty fast in a boat that size, especially with the chine walk it's doing. Driving this would be like laying a 2x4 across a bowling ball and trying to balance yourself, on ice!!! And people waterski behind these too!!!

http://stores.ebay.com/Shorts-Marine/_i.html?_fsub=21054466&_sc=1&_sop=1 http://www.ShortsMarineParts.com Winterizing a Personal Watercraft Engine PWC

JETSKI DRAG RACING - World's fastest stock engine Kawasaki
***VIDEO PROVIDED BY TORX RACING*** Here is a video of our friends at TORX RACING competing in the hydrodrags event. They set the world record for fastest stock engine kawasaki jetski.

2stroke V8
Evinrude 300XP -91 After a few hours in the workshop.. The expansion chambers are "home made" by hydroforming. The original Exhaust is milled away and the engine block is filled whit plastic. This engine will get electronic fuel injection and will not be used in a boat.. Note: This is a sponsored video for Forge Apollo

Fast Turbo Jet Ski 400HP Seadoo RXP - Ricky T Trevizo
http://www.motivaperformance.com 6919 Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 (505) 883-8388 turbo jet ski power. Not only can Motiva Performance tune cars that get over 2000 HP, or a stock Mustang to over 1000 HP, but now Motiva and Dave Rochau have ventured into the turbo Jet Ski arena. When it comes to getting more speed out of your engine, there in no one better than Dave Rochau and Motiva Motorsports. Watch, read and listen to some amazing video footage. "Ricky T" Trevizo Pro open class runabout Jet skier show's how working with Motiva Performance and Motiva Motorsports is getting more out of his Seadoo turbo Jet Ski than ever before. He is working with Dave Rochau, master tuner at Motiva and getting over 400+ HP out of his turbo jet ski. They are still working on getting this Seadoo RXP turbo Jet Ski to over 500+ horsepower and that will be amazing. Ricky T will be doing over 100 MPH when that happens and the water gets read hard if your crash, so we hope that does not happen (the crash that is). Here is what Dave and Ricky T have done to his open class runabout Jet ski Manvil Light weight hull skat trak pump dual impeller custom turbocharged intercooled peak head/intake porting "Ricky T" Spec custom seat Motec M400 - Motiva mod Motiva fuel system Motiva custom calibration Moriva pro sensor data setup 400+ horsepower on 17psi certified engine tuning on Motec Want to watch some of the ultimate extreme water sports. Professional jet skiing? Then here are a couple dates for you to put on your calender: Here is what Ricky says about Motiva: "World Class. I knew you were the way to go" Motiva is light years ahead of other tuners" June 11-12 Elephant Butte Test Session Elephant Butte, NM July 2-3 IJSBA Round 7 & 8 Lake Dallas, Texas Willow Grove Park And when you are done watching this video, don't forget to give us a thumbs up, we would appreciate it.

Pulse Performance Built Quad Rotor Jetboat
Peter Huijs jet sprint boat running in first round of the NZ series at Wanganui. Finishing fourth for the day on his first outing.

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