BMW E46 xenon kit


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BMW E46 6000k Xenon Bulb Start Up and Orion V2 Angel Eyes
OEM projectors w/DDM Tuning 6000k xenon bulbs and Umnitza Orion V2 60 LED 6000K angel eyes.

BMW 3 E46 Bi-xenon projector headlight retrofit kit explained Check out our new Facebook group: Instruction video for the BMW 3 serie 1998-2005 E46 Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit. Want a Bi-xenon headlight in your BMW E46? Need more light in the dark? Don't want to blind other road users with your plug & play xenon kit? We sell this complete Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit, with a unique designed adapter which makes installation very easy on the halogen headlights. Advantages of a Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit: * Much better light output * Double high beam (xenon + halogen) * No glare * Lower energy consumption (35 watt instead of 55 watt) * Luxury OEM look Instructions 0:01 Remove headlight lens. It unclips very easy. 0:15 Remove headlight insert. 0:24 This ring needs to be removed. 0:32 Choose the tools of your choice to remove the original H7 adapter. 0:46 Drill a small hole, this will be used for the Bi-xenon solenoid wires. 0:50 Remove the HID plug from the solenoid wires using a paperclip or other tool. 0:53 Place the big rubber washer, guide the solenoid wires through the drilled hole and place the Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector. 1:07 Place the H7 adapter ring. We designed this ring specific for the E46 headlight so it fits perfectly. 1:10 Secure the projector with the supplied nut. 1:23 Tighten the nut with some (needle nose) pliers 1:40 The E46-R shroud is built for this reflector. It fits perfectly in the halogen reflector: See this video for shroud preparing: 1:58 Ready to go! Very OEM looking retrofit! 2:18 Place back the insert. 2:24 Click the headlight lens back on. 2:40 Original halogen beam compared to the Bi-xenon projector. Perfect cutoff and wide beam! This kit will fit on: E46 wagon 1998-2005 E46 sedan 1998-2005 E46 coupe 1998-2003 E46 compact *The BMW E46 Compact halogen reflector is smaller in diameter. You need to trim the shroud a few millimeter to fit. Already have a plug & play xenon kit and want to upgrade? Then you can still use your current ballasts, and the kit will be cheaper for you. We have this kit in stock and can ship it to Europe and worldwide! Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands e-mail: phone: +31 (0) 341-820 220

BMW e46 with 8000k and 3000k Fog Lights!! HID Xenon While Driving
abblendicht 8000k nebler 3000k kamera verfälscht etwas 8000k ist weißlicher und 3000k viel goldener Truth is that the High-beam is really Whitish with a little bluetouch and the fogs are fucking golden-yellow :). my cam is messing up the colors. The light (even on wet ground ) is very much better than standard. and hell i´d never give away my golden light on snow!!!

BMW E46 HID Flicker Problem
Update: I found the fix for this issue. It's actually related to the tail light harness. Check your tail light harness for the brown ground wire contact to be melted & burned out. This is a known issue with the harness, and can be fixed with a harness repair kit from Bavauto. Recently my E46's HIDs started flickering. They are OEM HIDs, and are the original units that came with the car. Both sides always flash together, never one side or the other. It happens whether the car's engine is running or not. If the brake pedal is pushed, they start flashing steadily about once a second. In any other circumstance it's sporatic. For full details, visit Thanks in advance for any advice on a fix!