Maisto tech RC rock crawler review

my box opening and testing of the maisto tech rc rock crawler.

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Maisto RC Rock Crawler Review How Good is a $30 RC Rock Crawler? - Driftomaniacs
Check our my Maisto RC Rock Crawler Review To Find Out Just How Good is a $30 RC Rock Crawler? The answer will surprise you in a good way! (Buy One Here - Like This Video? Then Subscribe For More RC's - With Christmas fast approaching I thought I'd review a more affordable option than a $400 truck and opted for this $30 Remote Control Truck. First of all don't let the price fool you. It's got permanent 4WD and locked diff axles, combined with super soft tires and simply huge articulation the Maisto RC Rock Crawler will easily beat many $200+ models. It's not waterproof nor can you get spares for it, but at thirty bucks it's a true bargain as our durability tests will show you. We test the hell out of it down steps and crawling up and down our dry river bed. As a first step into this form of RC sport it provides an awful lot of RC Truck for super cheap money that adults and kids alike will find fun. Indeed we take it down several flights of steps and it doesn't get a scratch on it or break. Best of all it does what it really is a great at RC Rock Crawling. Want to send something to Driftomaniacs to review and see it on the channel? Contact us via the link on the 'about us' page here If you want to buy this exact same truck check it out on Amazon where we bought mine from Music: #maisto #rcrockcrawler #maistorcrockcrawler

Unboxing: The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

mudding with maisto tech rock crawler!!
this was so much fun i hope to do some more fun stuff with this rc and i hope it will last me to christmas.

Maisto Tech Rock Crawler Extreme tested
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