motorcycle crash

brother lossin it while doin a wheelie his ok only thing he got was road rash and his not white his mexican

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Ida Grove Iowa Motorcycle Pursuit and Crash
Deputy Randy Petersen was injured after Kody Krager crashed his motorcycle head on into his squad car following a pursuit initiated by the Iowa State Patrol. Krager was allegedly driving recklessly through Ida Grove. In the initial video, Krager appears to be riding alongside another motorcycle. The Deputy had positioned his squad in the middle of the road to force Krager to slow, but Krager impacted the squad head on at approximately 49 MPH, being thrown over the top of the car and into the middle of the highway behind the squad. MORAL: Don't drive like an idiot, and comply with emergency vehicles and pull over. A young motorcyclist's life is cut short over what would have been a simply traffic citation.

Korry Hogan Top Fuel Motorcycle Crash at 220 mph
On a 5.88 (shut off 5.1 seconds into the run) the bike rolled over on the left side and then made a turn into the wall. View from back and side.

Motorcycle Crash at Deals Gap
Local KTM Rider passes us on a blind corner just to have a Stupid Harley rider waiting for him in the middle of the road. The Harley guy lost his gloves and was trying to pick em up, but the KTM guy (was not with us) passed up because we were going little bit too slow for his pace and came up on the HD guy. No one was injured and everyone rode away.

Motorcycle Stunters VS. Cops Compilation - FNF
Watch from adrenaline rushing perspectives as these crazy and talented motorcycle stunters challenge authority and escape from police! Will they all escape? Spoiler: NO! Check out our facebook: Check out our twitter: Check out our other channels: Credits: #1: #2: #3: #4: #5: #6: #7: All clips were either licensed for use, used with permission, or used and credited via U.S. Fair Use Copyright laws. Thank you for watching! THESE ACTIONS PRESENTED IN THESE VIDEOS ARE ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS. We suggest you do not attempt to recreate these videos. Every video clip in this compilation was filmed on a closed course in Mexico with professional drivers as part of a police training initiative.