motorcycle crash

brother lossin it while doin a wheelie his ok only thing he got was road rash and his not white his mexican

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Motorcycle Wheelie Crash Fail
There is a updated remix version of this video available now!!! Check it out! Watch this Motorcycle Wheelie Crash Fail first in regular speed, then watch the Wheelie Fail in slow motion. Please dont fail to leave a comment... In this video, How to Destroy a Motorcycle in 5 seconds, my friend and I are on our leisurely Sunday morning ride back in 2008 when suddenly something goes wrong. I am on a GSXR 1000 and my friend is on a GSXR 750. The only injury sustained in the video was a sprained ankle. So If you so chose to ride like a maniac on the road or track, at least wear the proper protective gear, as you can see, it helped. Lessons learned, our advice to those who do chose to ride like this is to do it only on the track. How to Destroy a Motorcycle in 5 Seconds was filmed on Long Island. I used a Canon Mini DV camera mounted to my gas tank with a bracket I made and I edited the video on Adobe Premier Pro. Please Like, Post and Subscribe! Check out my much safer flying videos! Moto accidente caballito fallan! En este video, Cómo destruir una motocicleta dentro de 5 segundos, mi amigo y yo estamos en nuestro tranquilo paseo en la mañana del domingo en el 2008, cuando de repente algo va mal. Estoy en una GSXR 1000 y mi amigo está en una GSXR 750. La única lesión que sufrió en el video era un esguince de tobillo. Así que si usted así decide montar como un loco en la carretera o pista, al menos, utilizar el equipo de protección adecuado, como se puede ver, que ayudó. Lecciones aprendidas, nuestro consejo para aquellos que optaron por montar como esto es hacerlo sólo en la pista. Utilicé una cámara Canon Mini DV montado en mi tanque de gas con un soporte que hice y me editó el video en Adobe Premier Pro. Por favor gusto, Correos y Suscríbete!

Harley Davidson Lowside Motorcycle Crash
Customized Harley Bagger crash near the Rock Store. Great recovery, used momentum to land back on his feet then just walked away while bike was still crashing. Very lucky, he was uninjured except just a quarter size spot of road rash on his knee. AKA Harley Street Glide

Motorcycle: Sweeper undertake crash
Guy bins his bike on a sweeper trying to undertake a car (+aftermath). Looks like he hit the gravel and lost it. This video illustrates a few things you _shouldn't_ do when riding a motorbike (Squidiot!). Comments? When I ride I always wear my New Zealand Qmoto leather jacket and I strongly recommend you wear one too!

Motorcycle Fail Compilation
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