FR1 Shifter, Designed for Off road

Here is an overview of the new shifter I have been working on, name: FR1. This will allow you to go from any fwd gear to reverse with one move. There are also stops for all the fwd gears so you can still bang through the gears. Hope to be producing soon.

More Videos...

Ultimate Off-road Shifter.AVI
Video of operation of B&M Megashifter modified by BillaVista. Read the complete article at: .html See all my articles at:

Baja Shift Controller 2013
Just showing the features of the 2013 version of my Baja shift controller.

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A quick look at the differences off-roading with manual and automatic transmissions.

Centered shift lever Mod for Winters/Art Carr shifters
Came up with this from a customer request, the shift lever will stay centered til you decide to shift. Also has potential to setup a shifter for bump/tap/tiptronic shifting....?????