7th gen'z accord tribute

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comptech supercharged accord with 3.2 TL swap 12/1/07
3 pulls on a Dynojet. best numbers were 318 whp, 273 wtq. comptech Supercharger, procats, comptech catback, stock jpipe, greddy ultimate tuned by church auto (a/f only)

Japandyno.de - Twin turbo accord 7th gen coupe #4
walking through (new one to be posted soon with new mods inside and out) as well 400+hp. Please mark "like" thanks! :)

Honda Accord VS Lamborghini Murcielago. EXOTIC CARs RACING, TOUGE FUN!!
found a pack of Exotic cars meeting up, so i sayed.. hmmm this could be fun! lol so i joined in with my little Gas Saving Honda to race these high end Performance Cars!! XD good racing and fun! too bad there was so many cars that the racing was very limited.. =/ ENJOY! and if you may ask about my car, its; naturally aspirated (all motor) Frankenstein H/F series putting out 234whp 196wtq built by myself (", ) end of the video: the whole pack of cars cruising by.

2007 J-Powered Accord V6
2007 Honda Accord V6 modded. Pictures of current state of the car and drivebys with the GReddy EVO II Exhaust and J-pipe V3 and Injen CAI.