Porsche 944 vs Opel Kadett C drag racing

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Opel Kadett C - Drag Racing - Allingåbro Motor Festival 2014
Some Drag from Allingåbro 2014 Subscribe Here! - http://www.youtube.com/user/iOWNaFERGUSON?sub_confirmation=1

Quarter Mile Dragracing 10,7 seconds
New personal Record 10,7 at Bitburg Airport. More Info at www.pwr-racing.de.tl

Monster Opel Kadett // Pure Sound 11.000Rpm
Alexander Hin created this extreme racer from a Opel Kadett C base, powered now by a BMW Inline 6 engine and sporting one of the craziest bodykits in Hillclimb racing . Thumbnail picture of this #HillclimbMonster was provided by Louis Fabbri »»» facebook.com/sosoxi/ Special thanks to Matthias Simon // Subscribe »»» youtube.com/channel/UCMvl2_i7Kc0vUExWdctBDPA

Porsche 944 Project / Vol. 3 - Performance Chip
In this project update on our 1985 Porsche 944, we review our newly installed performance chip from powerprom.com by FRWILK. This "race chip" raised the redline by 500 rpm to 7000 rpm and it broadens the power curve of the NA 944. Before installing this chip we spent a lot more time in 3rd gear...now we can leave it in 4th and power out of turns. The car also feels a lot smoother and more willing to rev since installing this chip.