Thrustmaster TH8 RS Shifter

Little video to show you the noise of the TH8 RS shifter (in the video a little bit noisier than it is in reality) and how to go from gear to gear... Till now I never missed a shift.. It always knows in which gear I want.. And as you can see it auto-centers back between 3/4 gear.. This is maximum gear shift resistance... This shifter is ultra sexy and for the price the king on the market!

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Short shift plate for TH8 RS shifter
Shorter shift fore/aft and lateral for the TH8 RS in H-pattern mode. Throw in each direction reduced by about 20%.

Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter Review for PS3 and PC presents an exclusive first look and review of the Thrustmaster TH8RS Shifter for the PC and the PS3. This stylish shifter is mostly made of metal and has gates that look like they are right out of a supercar. It is an 8 speed shifter that works as a stand alone device and even works with Gran Turismo when used with a T500RS wheel. Please visit our sponsors at

Simulation Cockpit With Extended Thrustmaster T500RS and TH8RS Shifter Part 1 of 2 -.mp4
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T500 RS VS G25 Comparison.  T500RSとG25比較してみました。 When use the G25 Shifter up / down = handbrake/down When use the T500RS Shifter up / down = handbrake/Not use Play game:Live for Speed ---------------------------------------------------------- G25を使用している時。 Shifter up / down = サイドブレーキ/down T500 RSを使用している時。 Shifter up / down = サイドブレーキ/使いません 使用ゲーム:Live for Speed