Dodge Ram Body Lift Install

Key points in a body lift install.

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Woking Man's Truck Upgrades - 3" Lift [S1 Ep.11-2]
Today on GearZ, its a real world, working man's truck where Stacey shows you how to take a late model diesel pick up and make it better, stronger, and tougher than it was before...and its something that can be done in the span of one weekend without breaking the bank proving once again that you can have a cool truck and still use it on the job.

como levantar una ford chevrolet dodge con barras de torsion al frente y ballestas atras
todos los pasos a seguir para subir su auto o levantar como lo quiera pronunciar! si tiene alguna pregunta dejeme saber

Project "Body lift removal" Heads up!
Hey guys it's getting harder and harder to load my bike onto this lifted truck so it's time to say goodbye to my body lift and for also other reasons. I currently have a 3'' body lift with 17 tires. So after I have removed the lift and change the tire height I will lose about 4inches. I will be making a series of videos showing step by step of the removal process that way it won't bore you too much. It should start off like this. Cross my fingers nothing breaks! Step#1 Spray some kind of penetrating fluid on all nuts and bolts you are planning on removing. Since they have been on for so many years I am going to start about a week or two ahead of time. Remove as much weight as possible from the vehicle. Step#2 Move Exhaust out of the way so the body doesn't scrape the heck out of it. Step#3 Remove rear Bumper. Since the rear looks like it will be easier to remove I will start with it first. Shouldn't be too hard since I have replaced it before. Step#4 Remove bolts/ nuts, extended gasoline and all hardware in the way so the Bed can be lowered. Take off tail gate to minimize weight. Step#5 Install Zero Lift hardware for the bed. Install Rear bumper. Step#6 Remove front bumper Step#7 Remove front Cab Bolts and hardware. Step#8 Remove Steering shaft extension and shifter linkage and anything else in the way. I may remove the front seat also to minimize weight. Step#9 Install Zero lift hardware for Cab Step# 10 install steering shaft /shifter linkage/Front Bumper These steps may be altered at anytime. I do not claim to be a professional I just want to save money by doing it myself. If you have bothered to read all of this please let me know in the comments section. Thank you to my loyal subscribers and to all that may benefit from these videos. Aloha Watch it now click here Another site to check out -

How To Install A Body Lift
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