JayCee Zach Sacchette

7.15e.t @ 94mph

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Motion Sickness
Houso of Power Irwindale Thursday Night Drags 3/11/2010 5.71E.T.@ 118MPH

Super Street Ron vs Larry and Rodger vs Jack

Troy Palmer 6.93

VW dyno test: Chico Performance Engine Builder Show Down, Part 1
Dyno services were provided by Jack Sacchette at Jaycee, and the test results were published in HotVWs Magazine. Emcee'd by Dyno Don Chamberlin, this blast from the past was shot in 2006. Part 1 covers the first three engines that were tested. No turbos, no Nitrous, these are all-motor aircooled pushrod Volkswagen engines on the Dyno. These engines are built to run on the street, not the track. Clyde Berg 172 HP @ 162 TQ CB/Pat Downs 224 HP @ 189 TQ James2 201 HP @ 183 TQ http://www.DragRacingTV.com DVD available at: http://www.piersideparts.net/