Audi rs6 startup

Audi RS6 4.2 biturbo startup

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Audi RS6 Avant - LOUD Start up sound and Acceleration by SUPERSPORT!
LOUD Start up sound and acceleration by SUPERSPORT! Audi RS6 Avant! Carspotter Paul =

ABT Audi RS6 700bhp 0-300km/h
My ABT Audi RS6 700bhp from 0-300km/h Unfortunatly i messed up the launch, no traction. But i'll do it again.

Audi RS 6 (brake and speed test 0-300)
audi full

600 BHP Audi RS6 Start Up & Revving! Beast!!
This RS6 has been remapped by DMS, it also had the Exhaust decatted and new recirculating dump valves fitted before the remap so now this 4.2 litre Twin turbo V8 pushes 600 BHP! It also has Gallardo brakes! =)