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How BIG is Volkswagen? (They own Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Porsche..)
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The People’s Car - Adolf's Ride - Volkswagen
The Volkswagen Beetle AKA the Volkswagen Type 1, or in German, the Volkswagen Käfer The bug is a rear engine, economy vehicle born in 1938. The car was actually designed by a jewish engineer named Joseph Ganz. Adolf Hitler saw the car at an auto show in 1933 and stole the design to have it made by Ferdinand Porsche. At least Hitler came up with the name on his own, Volkswagen, “The People’s Car” Did you know the Nazis also sponsored other items like the people’s radio, Volksempfänger? Hitler’s instructions to Porsche were to make the car able to hold two adults and three kids. He told Porsche to have the car use no more than 7 litres of fuel per 100km. Plus it had to be able to travel with no problems on Germany’s new Autobahnen. Parts had to be inexpensive. The engine had to be air-cooled because antifreeze was hard to come by. The car would cost the equivalent of a small motorcycle.

Volkswagen Beetle - The First Car For The Masses?
In this clip, were take a look back at the history of the first car for the masses - the Volkswagen Beetle. We learn about how the concept for such a vehicle was envisioned, and how it won the respect and admiration of many people all around the world.