LEGO Train Crashes with Crossing Track

Testing out the 3d printed cross track.

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LEGO: breve antologia di incidenti ferroviari
Anche Jacopo ha comprato un trenino, ma lo ha fatto solo per giocare agli "incidenti ferroviari". Oggi dunque -una tantum!- lo accontentiamo.

Lego train 7897 passing 12v Lego 7740
Lego RC train 7897 passing 7898 and 12v train 7740

LEGO train crash #2 high speed Eurostar and ICE 3 on 9V double track

Lego Trains Trackside View Arriving and Leaving Town
Looking West from the switch tracks as the High Speed 4511 and Virgin Trains arrive and depart! Watch one go over a cliff: The Virgin train is custom made from Santa Fe locomotive.The dome car is also custom made from 4511 extras.Red and white passenger car is part of 7897(ICE)