Dodge Charger R/T - R/T - Road and Track 0 - 120 MPH Winter Tires

06 Dodge Charger 0 - 120 MPH, First gear spins due to the Snow tires still on, (Pirelli Scorpion, Ice & Snow) 235/55R/18. Car is Stock except for the AEM cold air intake...Sorry about the shaky camera, its hard to find someone that will get back in the car with me...hehehe...!!! Outside Temperature -8 degree Celsius I know your watching Colby...(G). Everyone "in the know" is jumping in here.! Click

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Black Ice vs. Dodge Charger
This is what happens when you hit a patch of black ice on the freeway while doing 60 MPH. The car does have 4 winter tires mounted. My right rear tire felt like it was the one to lose traction, and next thing I knew the car was heading towards a minivan. Luckily, I know how to control a vehicle in the snow better than most, and was able to correct it and save myself from hitting the van, but only by, what appears to me, mere centimeters. The van clearly had no idea what almost just happened and kept going. I pulled off to see if there was any damage or if my tire had popped or something, but everything was fine.

Lope tune! Dodge cummin! Got smoke??
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75 Cent Mod, 2012 Dodge Charger R/T Road and Track STP
One of the cheapest mods you can do to spice up the interior of your car this works on pretty much any car! Link for site to get materials.

2015 Lamborghini Huracan Vs 2015 Dodge Hellcat ( F
This what happens when you get your hands on a super car. Car transporter decided to make a quick stop in Mexico with a customers car. Whats better than racing a Lambo that is not yours? 2015 Lamborghini Huracan : Stock 2015 Dodge Hellcat : Stock FAT-CATT : Facebook : Instagram : @Fatt_cat15 Driver Mod Tv: Facebook : Instagram : @Drivermodtv Dignight : Facebook : Editor : Instagram : @itz.oc Youtube :