GoPro Hero3 Silver Test in Matsuda Racing's '48 Fiat Topolino Altered

Blown alcohol 350 small block Chevy. 960p @ 48fps. Open back. Roll bar mount. Video and sound quality not as good as the Hero2. Flat lens catches more moisture. Hold out for the Black Edition or stick to your Hero2 in my opinion.

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Sleeping...GoPro Hero3 Silver
On the trailer early. A little late off the line. Ran an 8.20@162 MPH on a 8.12 dial.

Collaudo della Topolino.mp4

37 Fiat Topolino Bob test drive
Bob Rizzoli's 37 Fiat Topolino street rod...BPMS 406 Rodeck w/Kinsler 8 stack IR intake......Special Thanks to "Earl Miller" of Kinsler Fuel Injection who guided us through the very complex setup of FAST EFI and the first to provide us with a "super" base calibration fuel map for our IR 8 stack ........We are sorting out some small issuses....headlights,brake and tag lights ......are plan is to attend Ocean City MD. in the spring for their car show/cruise weekend. In the mean time we have been dialing in the four link and data logging in an attemp to minamize our O2 fuel corrections. The BPMS 406 runs very well.....lots of power for a 1600 lbs street rod. Thanks to "Earl Miller" of Kinsler this motor idles at 900 rpm w/great throttle response ! Working w/this EFI 8 stack off and on in the past ten years I finally had to agree with info I read on the internet.....That this combination was never going to be a streetable induction system .....not IR designs at any rate......Don't belive everything you read or hear ! This pile of parts works ....So glad I didn't give in to the Holley folks !

Altered Electric Skateboard 60 Miles in 6 mins Commute with GoPro HD Hero2 San Francisco
Had my Altered Electric Skateboard for about a month, maybe 2 now and just got my GoPro HD Hero2 camera, decided to record one of my commutes to the "office" and back home. I am recording blind with this camera, since it has no lcd screen....not YET! lol. I will be posting more videos of Electric Skateboards soon! including reviews, specs, details and pros and CONS about them.... Most videos on youtube either copy and paste the specs they read on the manufacturer's websites or dont push their boards to limits...I'll be as real and honest as possible about these skateboards. ROCK ON!!!