An Inside Look at the Race Inspired Features on Yamaha's 2010 FZR WaveRunner

Yamaha's Scott Watkins walks through the 2010 Yamaha FZR, outlining the race inspired features, hull design and performance upgrades for racers and PWC enthusasists alike.

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Yamaha FZR SVHO (2016-) Review Video- By
For the full written captain’s report, test and performance data, and more about the 2016 Yamaha FZR SVHO, go to The Yamaha FZR and FZS are race ready high-performance watercrafts designed to take advantage of Yamaha's race experience and bring this experience to the recreational PWC market. The SVHO engine is a truly impressive power-plant and when mated with the race inspired hull, creates a top-of-the-market watercraft. Our tests have shown that the performance, ride and handling of these two WaveRunners is exceptional.

How to Easily Add 40-hp to Your Yamaha FX SHO, FZR or FZS WaveRunner
The Riva/Athena Pro-Series ECU provides a huge performance advantage to the Yamaha 1.8L Engine delivering over 40-hp to the stock SHO engine. ECU is fully programmable with either RIVA supplied mapping or user adjustable parameters. Most calibrations require use 91+ octane pump fuel. Plugs directly into factory wiring harness via waterproof connectors.

Yamaha Waverunner FZR build quality - reverse handle, handlebar, dashboard
What I think could be better on the 2010 Yamaha FZR: The reverse handle needs a lot of strength to pull down. The handlebar has some play. The dashboard has some play. Lots of vibrations when running. Solved with some rubber. Worst than the dashboard vibrations are the front storage compartment door vibrations. This watercraft where I live has a MSRP of €18.000, something like $25.000 For this price the build quality should be better. And yes, despite this, I love my FZR.

Yamaha FX Limited SVHO (2017-) Features Video- By
For more review, test, performance data, captain reports and more about the 2017 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO, go to: The Yamaha FX Limited SVHO is all about putting everything Yamaha can offer into a single WaveRunner. It’s not only got the most technology, but the most luxury and most performance as well. Additionally, Yamaha loads it up with accessories so that there truly will be nothing left to want, well… short of a yacht to put it on. Let’s take a look and see just how much Yamaha can add to a WaveRunner.