Mazda mx 6 KLZE

Rebuild Mazda 2.5i V6 KLZE JDM

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Mazda 626 8000rpm Revving (KLDE / KLZE)
Replaced the engine in my car, this new engine sounds good even though it is only a klde!

Mazda MX6 V6 Turbo: Cheapest Basic Turbo Setup
If I forgot anything, I'll put it in the description here! This is basically what you need to turbo a KL MX6 for up to 8 Psi

KLDE, KLZE, KLZE curved neck, and KLG4
A quick look at KL intake manifolds which use VRIS valves to lengthen and shorten intake length. They are tuned for max torque at different RPMs and each intake has it's own ECU timing for when the valves open and close.

Turbo Mazda MX-6 vs S/C Corvette C5 vs Turbo Civic
Oct 6, 2013 Rockingham NC Dragway, Phantasm, 1/4 Mile