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U-Haul UHaul CT13 original Camper Trailer for sale #1
Leonard "Sam" Shoen, the founder of U-Haul, created these CT13s (Camper Trailer) and VT16 (Vacation Traveler) for the public to rent and enjoy the great outdoors (State, National Parks, etc. ) This CT13 was built by UHaul in Oct. 1985 and is as original as any I have seen being pretty much as it left the Uhaul ownership before it was sold to the public in around 1991. A change in UHaul direction and their decision to sell these unique fiberglass trailers has created a lot of enjoyment and adventure for those fortunate enough to own one of these...

KNAUS Schwalbennest 2012
KNAUS Schalbennest der Retro - Wohnwagen / Caravan Zum 50jährigen Jubiläum baut Knaus das legendäre Schwalbennest noch einmal nach: In einer limitierten Neuauflage im Retro-Style, wird es in Sachen Design und Funktion wieder begeistern. CARAVAN-KROKOR-COTTBUS Klein Oßniger Str. 12 ( an der B169 ) 03116 Drebkau / Klein Oßnig www.caravan-krokor.de NUR INFO-VIDEO !

Make a trailer from a car. Chopped car and fibreglass front opening.
This is a project I had in mind for a while. I managed to aquire a cheap donor Toyota Previa and started work. The finished car trailer will resemble my own Previa. The lights are the rear normal car lights. Tint the windows,ply inside, new wheels and a respray.

Scamp Trailers Promo
This comprehensive 13 minute video shows the Scamp Trailers product line, and the manufacturing process for building the campers. It displays some of our animation and graphics capabilities. See more of our work at http://www.slateandmain.com