97 dodge cummins 12v pulls 10k

97 cummins banks twin ram, industrial injection 90hp/370 injectors, dpi Exhaust manifold bd super b turbo 57/65/1.0 , mbrp Exhaust

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97 12v cummins pullin 30k
12v bd turbo 370 sticks banks intake dpi Exhaust manifold mbrp 4" dave goerend transmision. Cedar City Diesel Tuners. 23 bales 1k each 8600 lb trailer This load did not go on the road just field to barn.

96 dodge 12v twin turbo towing 23k part 2.
first big pull with bd r 700 towing twins. single disc clutch started giving up at the top of the hill south bend street puller got here yesterday will get more video when the new clutch is in twins provide a good turbo whistle engine has haisley head and cam h-11 studs aef intake bd turbos 5x13 injectors 65cc dv's mbrd 4" turbo back cedar city diesel tuned the engine. cedar city diesel did a great tuning job

12 Valve Start-up cummins
There's a few things I know I need to take care of on the truck. My idle is set about 400rpm to low, it should be around 850-1000 and it sounds like I may have a small Exhaust leak. Mods are 370 injectors, #0 fuel plate, AFE Stage 2 intake, AFE intake manifold, straight 4 in Exhaust

96 12v cummins
250 horse injectors, laser cut dvs, pump tuned up, 20* timing, arp headstuds, BD super b turbo, napa 6637 BHAF, 4" straight pipe to a 8" tip.