Chevrolet Z06 Corvette

This C6 Z06 Built by Late Model Racecraft in Houston Texas put down 735rwhp Naturally Aspirated with 109 unleaded fuel. This car was custom built for road race purposes. For more information regarding LMR's packages please visit

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C6 Z06 Borla Attak with long tube headers and ca
Sound clip

Beautiful Girl's reaction - 1300hp twin turbo Corvette Z06
CENSORED version Apparently the last one was a little too much for the censors so I cropped the video. Original version is on Streetfire 1300hp Twin turbo C6 Z06 For more info go to: Check out Follow us on Facebook

1500HP C6 Z06 shuts down RPM dyno day!
Race Proven Motorsports built 6 speed Twin turbo C6Z laid down 1495whp at their 2017 Dyno day with ease. What an insane setup...

2007 Corvette Z06 Corsa Exhaust
Setup: Dynatech long tubes w/cats, X pipe and Corsa Sport catback.