Scud Cam Idle 5.7 Hemi

219/223 @ 113+2 LSA intsalled straight up. FRI Scud cam. FRI Street Strip heads w/ .030 mill FRI Custom Stepped Longtube headers w/ HF Cats JBA catback Exhaust (soon to be SLP1) GSM Air intake Stock 5.7 Block Idling at around 750-775 right now, hoping to have it lowered during the next tuning sesh, you can hear the load change when i go from Drive to Nuet/Park to give you an idea of how the sound changes. Enjoy

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It goes bliddy bladdy bliddly bladdy....
Idle after installing heads, cam and mid length AEM/Mopar Headers & High flow Cats. Idle is set at 850 to get things settled

5.7l HEMI Heads Cam
Modern Muscle, Va. 276-666-1934

Inertia Super spartan cam 112LSA 06 Dodge magnum 5.7 R/T
06 Dodge magnum R/T 5.7 with Inertia Super Spartan cam 112LSA JBA shorty headers, JBA catless midpipes, and JBA catback 2.5 inch Exhaust

HHP Stage 3 heads/cam dyno teaser/ Idle video
Dyno teaser for club cow. Mopar owners welcome May 1st West Bend Dyno days