Chinese Man Destroys Lamborghini - Unhappy with Reliability _ Service.

A Lamborghini owner in China found himself displeased with Lamborghini's "legendary" customer service on his Gallardo. So he was left with a difficult decision: Get the car's problems fixed some other way OR hire a gang of men to smash his car infront of a large crowd and a video camera.

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Buying My Son a Lamborghini 16th Birthday (BEST Reaction EVER)

Chinese farmer builds Lamborghini replica to transport fertilizer. If you've ever dreamed of owning a Lamborghini but think you'll probably never have enough money to realize that dream, think again. 28-year-old Wang Jian from east China's Jiangsu province has become an internet sensation for duplicating a 1.6-million-dollar Lamborghini Reventon sports car with his bare hands and simple tools. The rusty roadster, nicknamed "the most awesome sports car" by netizens, was assembled with parts from a second-hand Nissan van and a Volkswagon Santana sedan. It cost Wang 60,000 yuan in all and is used to transport fertilizer. Despite the praise, Wang has been urged by local authorities not to drive his car on the road due to safety concerns.

Filmed under controlled conditions with the permission and assistance of local authorities as a fire training exercise. Please do not think that we are idiot out to ruin the environment. With the help of Southo, Jim, Bill, Muz, Ahab, Jim, Uncle and ChrisS and many many more Performance Forums members, have burnt the crap out of the Taurus! Corny voice over - check Bad music - check Phone camera footage - check Boobs - check Task complete With regards to comments like this one and others similar, let me please make these points clear. ______________________________ luvwetmen 18 minutes ago have the balls to post this fuckers!!! you guys are HUGE dickwads... why would you purposely destroy a car that some poor guy could have used to drive to work, so he could make money to feed his family... you fuck wads only think of yourself... now, be a real man and fucking post this!!!! ______________________________ Hi there, Whilst I appreciate your enthusiasm in the comments, I don't really appreciate your insults. Please consider the following things - The car was mechanically unfit for the road and dangerous - The Exhaust system fitted to the car was illegal and very badly done, so pretty much along the lines of all the other work done to the car. - The car was unregistered and would have needed a roadworthy inspection to be put onto the road again. It would not have passed. - The bodykit was not removable and the costs involved in rebuilding the body would not have been financially viable to do. ie: it would be cheaper to buy a whole car again - The engine was worn out before we got it. Don't know why, but maybe that's the reason the previous owner wanted to sell it - I do HoonTV for fun and not as a job, so I make hardly any money from it - Top Gear have massive budgets to play with on their show and are constantly blowing up, cutting up and destroying what appear to be perfectly good cars all the time - The burning of this car was done as a training exercise for the rural fire brigade and was done under controlled conditions This is just a few points and while I do agree with you that it'd be great to give cars away to people in need (my family has been doing charity work for years with refugee families), this was not the car for it. If you can think of ways where we can get sponsors to help projects where we find cars and fix them up for less fortunate people then I'd love to have you input. Thanks

China's copy culture
Please China, Stop copying our Japanese cars!!