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Simca Tracktest König

Simca Tracktest König Hans Exner


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Abarth OT 2000
Heißes Italo-Coupé im klassischen Tracktest: Wie schnell ist das Abarth-Leichtgewicht auf dem Rundkurs?

Simca 1200S

Simca Rally 2 HARD acceleration !!
Simca Rally 2 HARD acceleration in Ban-Saint-Martin !!

Tracktest BMW 700
Der kleine Heckmotor-BMW mit Boxermotor im Tracktest.

Simca 1000 Rallye 3 Dyno
27.5.2013 Käynti Special Tuning Harisella Dynossa

Jean Paul Todeschini Simca Rally 3 Best of 2010
Les passages vidéos de Jean-Paul Todeschini à bord de sa Simca Rally 3 pendant cette année 2010 au Rallye de Haute Provence, au Rallye de Sarrians et au Rallye du Mistral . Rally de Haute Provence : 36 ème au Scratch, 11ème de groupe F2000 et 1er de la classe F2012 . Rally de Sarrians : 30ème au Scratch, 11ème de groupe F2000 et 1er de la classe F2012 . Rally du Mistral : Abandon, Cardan cassé .

simca 1000 rallye original español
motor de simca mil rallye de más de 120 cv con 1600 cc

Best of Crash Rallye HD-Compilation 2013-2014
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD3hCOEyg8Y Rally Crashes happened in 2013 and 2014 . Car accidents because of drifts . The production-based cars with 1.6 L direct injection turbo engine and four-wheel drive are built to World Rally Car regulations for racing across tarmac, gravel and snow. The power output is limited to around 300 bhp (225 kW). Current cars in the championship include the Citroën DS3 WRC, Ford Fiesta RS WRC and Mini WRC. The WRC was formerly held for Group A and Group B rallycars. However, due to the increasing power, lack of reliability and a series of fatal accidents on the 1986 season, Group B was permanently banned. Later, in 1997, the Group A cars evolved into the WRC car spec, to ease the development of new cars and bring new makes to the competition. In 2011, new rules were introduced to encourage more manufacturers (and privateers) to take part, because the recent economic downturn had prompted several manufacturers to leave the championship. Cars in the Production Car World Rally Championship are limited to production-based cars homologated under Group N rules. Cars in the Super 2000 World Rally Championship are homologated under Super 2000 rules. Most cars in the Junior World Rally Championship are homologated under Super 1600 rules, but Group N and selected Group A cars can also contest the series. Starting in 2013,a new category of rally cars known as Group R were introdued as a replacement to the Group A and Group N rally categories, with cars classified under one of six categories based on their engine capacity and type, wheelbase, and drivetrain. As a result no cars will be homologated under Group A and Group N regulations and instead will be reclassified under Group R. Parallel to this, the Super 2000 and Production Car World Championships were restructured; Super 2000 and Group N cars were merged into a single championship known as World Rally Championship-2 alongside R4 and R5 cars, whilst the Production Car World Championship was completely reimagined as the World Rally Championship-3 for two-wheel drive cars complying with R1, R2 and R3 regulations. WRC Teams and Drivers 20 different manufacturers have won a World Rally Championship event,[6] and a further ten have finished on the podium.[7] Suzuki and Subaru pulled out of the WRC at the end of the 2008 championship, both citing the economic downturn then affecting the automotive industry for their withdrawal. Mini and Ford both pulled out of the WRC at the end of the 2013 championship, due to a similar economic downturn affecting the European market. A typical WRC team will consist of about 40 people on the events, with a further 60--100 at the team base.[8] Manufacturers and manufacturer-backed teams usually have two or three drivers participating in each rally who are eligible to score points. The total number of crews (driver and his co-driver) in the rallies varied from 47 (Monte Carlo and Mexico) to 108 (Great Britain) during the 2007 season.[9] In 2013, The Ford World Rally Team and The Mini WRC Team both announced their departure from the World Rally Championships for the 2013 season. Volkswagen and Hyundai will make their return to the championship in 2013 and 2014, respectively.Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD crashes from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, England and France with pure engine sounds and the "oiioiioii oyoyoy" guy :D . IF YOU LIKE IT SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

Piques cuarto de milla cavasa cali-colombia compiten renaul turbo vs simca.

Tracktest Lexus ISF Patrick Simon zeigt, was der Lexus ISF f
Mit dem Lexus ISF gibt es endlich einen Herausforderer für BMW M3 und Mercedes C 63 AMG. Diese beiden haben beim Tracktest schon gezeigt, was sie können - jetzt ist der Japaner dran.

Simca 1200 Ti
www.pegatinasracing.com www.pegatinasracing.com www.pegatinasracing.com www.pegatinasracing.com

Hyper Sportscar Simca Rallye 2
Hyper Sportscar Simca Rallye 2 Rennwagen Sound

Wiesmann GT MF5 Patrick Simon im Retro-Renner beim Tracktest
Angriff auf die Spitze: Der Wiesmann GT MF5 wirft zehn Zylinder und 507 PS ins Rennen, um beim Motorvision-Tracktest den ersten Platz zu erobern.

C63 AMG Tracktest

Simca 1000 Special 1294

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