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Simca Tracktest König

Simca Tracktest König Hans Exner


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Simca 1000 Rallye 3 Dyno
27.5.2013 Käynti Special Tuning Harisella Dynossa

Simca 1200S

On-board Simca 1000 Rallye - Jorge López - Subida a Sta Maria de la Alameda 2013
http://www.xn--locossoadores-okb.com/ Simca 1000 Rallye, TC en Subida a Sta Maria de la Alameda 13, Jorge López

1972 Matra Simca MS670C Howling V12 Sound at Le Mans (Accelerations & Fast Flyby)
The howling V12 3.0 litre of the Matra MS670C driving at the legendary circuit of Le Mans during the Le Mans Classic, the most beautiful historic car racing event of 2014! This car captured my attention every single time it drove by. It has a beautiful, howling-like sound. While a lot of other cars produce a very heavy sound, the sound of this car was very high pitched, resulting in a sound that could be heard from hundreds of metres away! For example when the Matra is surrounded by other cars like the Lola T70 or a bunch of Stingrays, you hear the Lolas and the Stingrays in the beginning, but once all the cars pull away it's the sound of the Matra that 'takes the floor' so to speak. You just keep hearing it making its way through the woods of the circuit! So definetely one of my favorite cars of the weekend! I never ever saw this car before in real life, or at least not driving but I wasn't surprised it made such a beautiful sound! A sound which I'm glad I can share with you guys! Hope you enjoyed the video, consider subscribing and leaving a comment/like if you did enjoy watching this video! Thanks for watching. Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/HistoRacingHD Like us on Facebook!

Simca 1200s LM story 2007
Vidéo embarquée, simca 1200S Le Mans printemps 2007 voitures françaises de sport (Matra Djet, Alpine A110 A610, quelques raretés...) dont le V12 Matra-Simca!

Tracktest Renault Alpine A110 1600 S GS: Die Rallye-Flunder am Limit
Die Renault Alpine A110 ist die Rallye-Ikone aus den frühen 70er Jahren. Motorvision schickt die Sportwagen-Flunder auf den Tracktest.

Abarth OT 2000
Heißes Italo-Coupé im klassischen Tracktest: Wie schnell ist das Abarth-Leichtgewicht auf dem Rundkurs?

Simca Turbo

Simca 1000 Rallye - Historic rally car Sound
Simca 1000 rally Exhaust sound and a short vídeo with some extraordinary simca 1000 rallye. #Green Simca rally -Oscar rodriguez #Grey Talbot/Simca - Daniel sierra #Yelow Simca 1000 Rallye 2 - Quim Torrent #White Simca 1000 Rallye 2 - Angel Soler

Simca Rally 2 HARD acceleration !!
Simca Rally 2 HARD acceleration in Ban-Saint-Martin !!

Restauração Simca Chambord 1965
Esse carro meu pai reformou em 1992, sendo 99% original.

Jean Paul Todeschini Simca Rally 3 Best of 2010
Les passages vidéos de Jean-Paul Todeschini à bord de sa Simca Rally 3 pendant cette année 2010 au Rallye de Haute Provence, au Rallye de Sarrians et au Rallye du Mistral . Rally de Haute Provence : 36 ème au Scratch, 11ème de groupe F2000 et 1er de la classe F2012 . Rally de Sarrians : 30ème au Scratch, 11ème de groupe F2000 et 1er de la classe F2012 . Rally du Mistral : Abandon, Cardan cassé .

Tracktest NSU TT Prinz
Mit offenem Heckdeckel zur Bestzeit: Die Heckmotor-Rennsemmel NSU TT tritt zum Tracktest an.

Tracktest Ford Escort RS 1600 Der Hundeknochen-Escort in der
Der Hundeknochen-Escort in der RS-Variante - historischer Rallyesport beim Motorvision-Tracktest.

Hyper Sportscar Simca Rallye 2
Hyper Sportscar Simca Rallye 2 Rennwagen Sound

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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