AMC Spirit at NED on 8-27-11, 11.57 at 118mph

Drag racing, Spirit, AMC, AMC Spirit, BBO AMC, 11 sec AMC.

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Inline 6 running stock vs modified - first start up open headers - runs like V8
Inline 6 258 (4.2L) Engine of a VAM (Mexico) Gremlin X 1981 Stock Exhaust was a lil cracked... came down in 3 pieces o.O btw... I don't care about exterior paint jobs, lights, or any rice... All about engine... N/A

Brian's AMC Bone Yard
We went out to Sask., to grab as many AMC parts as we could before the crusher comes for all these cars. Here's a an overview of the yard. These cars are probably gonna be gone within a week or so.

1982 AMC Spirit GT
1982 AMC Spirit GT 433 horsepower@ the wheels Motor 606 horsepower

AMC Spirit ideling in driveway
AMC spirit running in the yard