Hamilton boy racers protest car-crushing proposal - National - Video - 3 News.flv

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Loudest Skyline On Earth ! Picadilly Arab Boy Racers VS Police, HUGE Flames, Anti Lag & Acceleration
Loudest Skyline On Earth !!!! Picadilly Arab Boy Racers VS Police, HUGE Flames, Anti Lag & Acceleration Picadilly Arab Boy Racers turn up to sloane street, knightsbridge in their 800bhp nissan R33 GTR fully modified and making HUGE noise, revs, anti-lag & accelerations which made my ears ring for a bit, this thing is so loud it made the floor shake when it accelerated whilst managing to set off car alarm in the process. Shortly after, police were called and pulled over the skyline due to having no licence plate on the front of the car and gave them a fine or written warning. This thing attracted hundreds of people around the car taking pictures and videos whist traffic stopped to take pictures too. There will be plenty more videos coming soon including, Meeting Shmee150 and his Morgan 3 Wheeler & Supercars including a GOLD BUGATTI, PAGANI HUAYRA, OAKLEY DESIGN DMC AVENTADOR & GOLD FERRARI !! Make sure you subscribe to my channel for more to come very soon. Follow me on: Instagram: www.instagram.com/the.supercar.reel twitter: www.twitter.com/thesupercarreel

Part 3 - Boy Racers - How the Other Half Lives
Part 3 of How the Other Half Lives, Marc Ellis delves into the background of Boyracers and Enthusiasts in NZ namley Hamilton.

dakta vs cops roughcut
New Zealand Police mounted a three day operation against The Daktory last Thursday, Friday,and Saturday. (31st December 2009, 1st and 2nd January 2010) This involved Police parking up the street then following and stopping our members as they left The Daktory. Somehow the Police thought they had the right to randomly stop and search people and vehicles for the sole reason our members were departing from The Daktory. "A known place where cannabis is dealt", according to Police. Unfortunately for Police, their actions are illegal and a formal complaint is being prepared. After suffering this nonsense for 2 days a plan was hatched should they return for a third day. They did and the plan was implemented to perfection. The plan was simple. Dakta Green would drive away from The Daktory (his home and current court approved bail address), circle the block and pull up outside The Daktory. Would Police take the bait? They sure did.

Christchurch 4nRotary Cruise - some cars leaving
10th March, 2007, here in Christchurch was the 4nRotary Champs, and a cruise was put on by Girlspeed, and here are some of the cars i spotted in the carpark.